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About Hopkins & Porter

Hopkins & Porter Construction Inc., was started by its two principals, Guy Hopkins Semmes and Michael Porter Denker in 1977. The company was incorporated in 1982. It has grown from a two-man organization to one currently employing 28. Hopkins & Porter provides full service custom building, specializing in large additions and custom homes which enhance and harmonize with existing structures and communities, and are in keeping with sound environmental practices. A full time handyman service is maintained for the benefit of new and existing clients, allowing strong support for our extended warranty. Eight office staff currently support the field in architectural design, sales, production, and administration.

THe H&P Values TriangleCore Company Values

  • Joy in what we do, a love of the Builder's craft that leads to excellence, elegance, and creativity.
  • An open, healthy, safe, working environment where people can communicate freely and comfortably and where they feel acknowledged, recognized, and appreciated.
  • Personal growth and development, self-discipline, self-respect, and pro-active professionalism.
  • Honesty and integrity towards all parties in all relationships.
  • A business built on long-term relationships — loyal employees and customers.
  • A fair profit as a measure of success, providing long-term stability for the owners and employees.
  • Balance and centeredness in all our dealings. Win-win solutions in all problems for all parties. A responsibility to act with care and concern for others in every situation.
  • Concern for the greater good of the environment and the community.
  • Providing the means to bring our customer's goal and aspirations to fulfillment.
  • A belief that a skillfully created and designed environment enlivens its occupants and those that build it.