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3 Ideas For Remodeling Your Maryland Basement

For a lot of people, the basement is a part of the home that isn't given much thought. Usually, it's the place that ends up just being used as a storage space for old clothes or Christmas decorations - which is unfortunate, considering all of the options that are available for people who decide to remodel their basements.If...
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Rely on Handymen Services in Maryland for Maintaining Your Rental Home

Investing in a rental home is a small gamble, mainly because you do not know exactly what kind of problems you might run into when it comes to your tenants and with maintaining the home. For instance, you might think that the property is in excellent condition and should not have any major problems, but unexpected things ca...
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Adding a Second Floor to Your Maryland Single-story Home: Benefits and Considerations

Does your home suddenly seems smaller simply because your family is growing or you've taken in elderly parents or rebounding adult children that may even include grandchildren? If your house has only one level, you may be able to add more living space by converting your ranch style home into a two-story structure. Here are ...
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5 Essential Remodeling Mistakes Residential Remodeling Contractors Maryland Know Not to Make

Renovating a home is a big job, whether homeowners are aging in place, planning to sell the home or just bringing the house into the 21st century. While the rewards are great, the pitfalls are just as great. Too many homeowners think they have what it takes to remodel their own home. They might even be right. However, the m...
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Residential Contractors in Maryland Know the Value of Maintaining and Remodeling Historic Homes

When they are well-maintained, historic residences can be a truly delightful asset to a community. These great, stately homes possess a certain charm and elegance that only the passage of time can bring about. However, the passage of time can also be an older home's downfall. If not properly kept up, a historic property can...
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Kitchen Remodeling Maryland: Upgrade The Heart Of Your Home

Whether you are buying a new home that needs some upgrading, or want to give your current home some tender loving care, you should consider remodeling your kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where you spend a great deal of your time. Regardless of whether you are the one making meals, cleaning up, or just using ...
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Winter Home Remodeling In Maryland

When you are able to have any type of work done to your home, it can most certainly be a fun and exciting time. Everyone wants to be able to add something new to their home, but many people have worries about the cost of home remodeling in Maryland, as well as the amount of time it will take to be completed. Spring and summ...
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Use the Design/Build Alternative | Potomac, MD

Homeowners can spend a lifetime searching for just the perfect home that has the layout, design and, more importantly, the right feel. Instead of spending years searching for a home that possesses all of your desired qualities, focus on the location, home size, and use the Design/Build alternative. Custom closets, energy ef...
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Hopkins & Porter Construction, Inc. Recognized as a 2015 Guildmaster!

The Guildmaster Awards celebrate service excellence in the building, remodeling, contracting, and real estate professions. Each year, GuildQuality gives special recognition to the companies that demonstrate an ability to deliver a consistently superior customer experience. In granting awards, GuildQuality considers two...
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Custom Homes: An Exterior for Your Personality | Potomac, MD

​When it comes to choosing the exterior of their dream home in Maryland, Virginia or D.C., some people "just know." Custom homes give you the option to play around with your personal identity and expression. The exterior of a home is what you present to the rest of the neighborhood. It can be exciting to explore how the dif...
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How to Design a Home Theatre

​If you're like many homeowners in the United States, then chances are you want to make some new home additions, have enough money to start remodeling a house, but lack a whole lot of home remodeling ideas. After all, studies on the home improvement industry have shown that 71% of American home owners plan to make home addi...
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Three Big Bathroom Ideas for Little Budgets

​According to research from Houzz, home improvements intended to increase a property's value were up 47% from last year in the United States, while 83% of home improvements made in recent years were done to improve the look and feel of a home. According to Scarborough research, 56% of Americans that made home improvements i...
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H&P's Ray Hornsby Judges 2015 Skills USA Regional Competition

Ray Hornsby was a judge in the Carpentry competition in the 2015 Skills USA Regional Competition held at Thomas Edison High School of Technology in Silver Spring on Feb. 11. More than 130 students competed in categories that included carpentry, plumbing, culinary arts, and computer maintenance. Students from Montgomery...
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Three Cheap Ways You Can Upgrade Your Kitchen

​If you're planning a custom home remodeling project, then chances are you're also planning to invest a good bit of money into it. Scarborough research not only reveals that about 53% of U.S. homeowners have made some sort of home improvement in the past 12 months, but that 56% of them spent $1,000 or more, which makes sens...
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Three Home Improvements With Amazing Returns on Investment

​There's a pretty good, statistical chance that you're thinking about improving your home. According to research from Scarborough, more than half (53%) of U.S. homeowners have made some sort of home improvement in the past 12 months, with about 71% planning to make one this year. Of those who did improve their homes, 56% sp...
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Three Things You Didn’t Know You Needed to Do Before Hiring a Contractor

​To say that the home improvement industry is huge would be an understatement. Scarborough research has found that more than half (53%) have made home additions or improvements some time in the past 12 months, and that 56% of them have spent at least $1,000 on these projects. And it's only going to get bigger. About 71...
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The Best and Worst Home Additions and Improvements You Can Make

​Improving your home can be a smart way to increase its value. Research from Scarborough reveals that 53% of U.S. homeowners have made some type of home improvement in the past 12 months, 56% of whom spent more than $1,000 on the projects. Similar research from Houzz shows 83% of home additions and improvements made in 2012...
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Three Home Additions With Truly Impressive ROIs

​It might sound obvious, but it's still worth saying and thinking about: not all home additions are created equally. Literally. Some home additions require heavy investments, and yield little in return, while other, smaller home additions require only a couple hundred dollars, yet they yield double that in comparison. ...
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A Numerical Look at the Home Remodeling Industry

​Let's face it: the housing industry hasn't had a very good reputation in recent years, largely because it's inexplicably tied to the real estate market, which really took a turn for the worse during 2007-2008 as the Great Recession began. But luckily, both industries appear to be on the upswing. Don't believe it? Take a qu...
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3 Common Mistakes That Decrease the Value of Custom Homes

​Over 70% of homeowners in the U.S. will do remodeling and home improvement projects this year. And with the housing market rebounding, people aren't just doing these projects for their own taste. According to research conducted by Houzz, American homeowners are making 47% more improvements than last year with the specific ...
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