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Active Warranty Program

Actove Warranty
The "Active Warranty" reflects our company mission. Our clients deserve a relationship with their Architect/Builder that is built on Integrity and Service. We stand behind what we design and build.


The Hopkins & Porter "Active Warranty" is almost unheard of in our industry. In an environment where the final list of completion items never seems to get completed, and many contractors move on to their next job before the final draw is ever collected, it is rare to find a builder who wants to come out looking for problems. We want you to be happy with your remodeled home for the long-term and we want to know how our projects and design solutions stand up to real life use, so we can learn from experience.

Our "Active Warranty" Program includes a two-year warranty with 3- and 9-month walkthrough inspection of your project. Your Project Coordinator will call to set up your initial appointment.

  • Fill out a warranty review form with your input.
  • Submit a copy to the Production Manager for his input.
  • Set up a work order.
  • Schedule work within ten working days.
  • Six months later you will be called to set up your nine-month warranty appointment, following the same procedures.

At the end of your warranty, a letter from your Project Coordinator will be sent, notifying you of the end of warranty, re-stating our policy of support, and encouraging you to call if any problems develop or if you have additional work. We treat problems of any size or type, inside or outside of your warranty period, with the same urgency that we do while building your project, and we have a service department trained to deal with these problems in a professional manner.