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Design/Build Benefits

Hopkins & Porter is a full-service company and will design, as well as build, your remodeling project or new home. These are the reasons our clients have decided design/build was the best choice for them:

  1. Practical, Cost-Effective Alternatives. With one company designing and building your remodeling project, you receive practical, cost-effective design alternatives. Not only will your home look beautiful, but we create our designs to be built efficiently to save you time and money.
  2. We Keep an Eye on Your Budget. During the design phase, we develop our creative suggestions to fit within your budgetary guidelines. And we constantly monitor the production costs to make sure that we adhere to those guidelines.
  3. We Handle the Details. When you work with Hopkins & Porter, we take care of all the details of your project - from start to finish. In addition, you have one point of contact throughout your entire project, which makes communication quick and simple.
  4. Add Value to Your Home with a Custom Design. The customized plans created by the Hopkins & Porter professional design team will add exceptional value to your home. And because it is part of the design/build package, you receive a quality design for a fraction of the usual fee.
  5. Your Project will be Completed Quickly. Design/build saves time from conception to completion by offering all the necessary services within one company. Traditional methods of remodeling, with independent design and construction firms, can add months to your completion schedule.
  6. We Build Trust and Confidence. As we work together to develop the perfect design to meet your needs, you will see the skill and expertise that Hopkins & Porter brings to the table. This will become the basis for a strong confident relationship that will make working together during the construction phase a pleasure.
  7. We Treat Your Home Like Our Own. We realize that your home is precious to you and we will go out of our way to treat it with care. Hopkins & Porter's hands-on service will give you peace of mind and the knowledge that we will be available to you at anytime.
  8. Award-Winning Performance. When you work with Hopkins & Porter, you will be working with an award-winning company. Many of our projects have received both local and national recognition. We will put the same top design abilities to work for your home.