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The Design-Build Process

Design-Build Process | 1 Schematic Design | 2 Design Development | 3 Contruction Process

(hourly fee)

  • Initial consultation with homeowners to discuss the project, design concerns, and budgeting.
  • Review owners program.
  • Document existing conditions, floor plans and elevations.
  • Preliminary zoning and code analysis.
  • Schematic design sketches, floor plans and elevations.
  • Preliminary cost analysis and budget development.
  • Revise one floor plan and develop elevations.
  • Revise cost analysis and budget development.
  • Decide on design scheme and budget.

(fixed fee)

  • Revise schematic design sketches.
  • Develop floor plans, exterior elevations, sections, interior elevations.
  • Selection of finishes and materials, showroom visits.
  • Subcontractor quotes and further budget development.
  • Final design scheme, detailed specifications, and revised fixed cost estimate.
  • Sign the Construction Contract.
  • Construction/permit drawings.
  • Permit acquisition.

(fixed price contract)

  • Turn over completed design package to production team.
  • Preconstruction staff meeting.
  • Preconstruction conference with key members at site.
  • Start of construction.
  • Substantial completion & walk-through.
  • Final Job Completion Checklist.
  • H&P’s "Active Warranty" Program
  • We solve problems before they happen with our 3- and 9-month Warranty walk-through.