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Living in the Treetops

Perched high on a hill, this simple house afforded a perfect opportunity to open up to magnificent views with a new front addition and deck. The design celebrates the house's location above the trees, and the dappled sunlight they create. The pitched roof plane is designed to capture views of the treetops and clouds beyond.

The front addition extends the existing dining room and living room, and creates a corner library. The arc of the dining room extension creates an engaging panorama from within. A curved balcony and an Adirondack chair have become a favorite phone location for one of the teenagers. A high level of workmanship throughout is evident at this convergence of old and new surfaces.

The lower ceiling in the foreground shows the extent of the existing house before the front addition was designed and built by H&P.

Spatial continuity is reinforced between rooms with clear glass transoms at the ceiling height.
Glass corners, free of structural supports, emphasizes a sense of lightness and transparency.