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Log Cabin Remodel

This 100 year old cabin sits on Maryland bank of the Potomac River in Potomac MD. It was built using a traditional saddle-notch log construction on a stone foundation, and included a cellar and a small loft area. The logs appear to be cedar, and most of them have weathered fairly well. There was a modest frame addition added to the original cabin at some point in its history.

Before: Cabin before renovation. Run down and in need of much repair.

Below: Newly renovated cabin with a modern twist.

Before Addition and Renovation of Cabin
Log cabin restoration experts were brought in to meticulously prepare, repair, clean, refurbish, and refinish all the exterior and interior logs and mortar. Damaged or deteriorating areas of logs were repaired or replaced. The original cedar logs were generally in good condition.
A sheer wall of glass, floor to ceiling, with siliconed butt-glazed joints, follows the line of the river, and wraps around the two ends of the cabin, turning the roof into a visually floating plane. Because of the uneven terrain, the tall tempered and laminated glass panels were set in place by hand, without the aid of machinery. The panels are anchored by aluminum channels recessed into the ceiling and the floor. At floor level, exterior copper flashing is carried under the channel and up, to create a continuous barrier against water infiltration.

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