Four of the Most Ridiculous Things Celebrities Have Done to Their Homes

new home designsOne of the worst things you can do when looking into interior home design or exterior home design is push your designer to build you something that looks just like all the other homes in the United States. Keep in mind, Americans spend $134 billion per quarter on home improvement projects. If you’re going to put a lot of your hard-earned cash into building a new home or just revitalizing your current one, shouldn’t your new home designs say something about who you are?

Remember, in custom home design, the sky is truly the limit. If you’re looking for interesting ideas that can really help your stand out, try taking a page from some celebrities with a proclivity for lavish or downright insane living arrangements.

Four Crazy Things Celebrities Have Done to Their Homes

    1. Nicholas Sparks’ House of Bowling
      Nicholas Sparks, the author of romance classics like “The Notebook,” is no stranger to going a little crazy with home remodeling. According to MSN Real Estate, the author recently installed a two-lane bowling alley in his house, complete with flat screen TVs overlooking the lanes. After all, who doesn’t want to watch their favorite shows while rolling strikes?


    1. Drake’s Wilderness Ranch, Complete with a Grotto
      Rap artist Drake is famed for his turn on DeGrassi and his poignant lyrics; however, he’s also known for having one of the most insane houses in the world. In 2012, according to Curbed
      , Drake bought the famed Saddle Ranch in Hidden Hills. As if the mansion-sized wilderness lodge wasn’t enough, Drake also owns an attached artificial cave system that forms a grotto over a pool larger than many luxury hotels’.


    1. Rihanna’s Palatial Palisades Paradise
      Rihanna’s new home designs likely take the cake for most elaborate and decadent. Her $12 million palatial estate in Pacific Palisades, as The Huffington Post details, features geometrically designed stone gardens and super chic window and interior design using a ton of glass. What you might consider in your new home design is the way the star had her pool built. Not only does she have a huge pool with fountains streaming into it at all times, she also has an annexed bathhouse that puts the average two bathroom, three bedroom home to shame.


  1. James May’s House of LEGO Blocks
    The United Kingdom’s “Top Gear” has been honored as the most watched informational show in the world, according to the BBC. It’s also hosted by one of the world’s more eccentric celebrities. James May, one of the show’s presenters, built and has even lived in a home completely constructed of LEGO blocks. Now, nobody is suggesting you sleep on a bed of LEGO bricks, but we are saying that you should think outside of the box and get exactly what you want out of your new home design, no matter how crazy it may be.

What sort of crazy new home design ideas have you been toying with? Let us know in the comments below.

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