Going the Green Distance — Three Amazingly Sustainable Home Accessories That Can Make Your Next Improvement Environmentally Friendly

green home accessoriesIt seems like just about every one is improving or adding on to their homes. According to Scarborough Research, more than half of the homeowners in the United States (53%) have made some kind of home improvement in the past 12 months, while about 71% of homeowners in the United States are planning a home improvement project in the next 12 months. After all, the U.S. home improvement industry isn’t worth an estimated $57.2 billion for no reason.

What’s interesting, however, is that not only are more homeowners looking to make improvements and renovations, but more people are specifically looking to make their houses more environmentally sustainable. In recent years, several new green home accessories have come into vogue, helping to create this trend of environmental sustainability.

To help give you a better idea of what modern homeowners are doing with their houses, here are a few of the most popular green home accessories being used today.

Composite Materials.
Some of the most popular green home accessories are actually building materials. Many homeowners are choosing to use composite decking instead of natural wood as their building materials, because these green home accessories are stronger, last longer, and yield better dimensional stability — they don’t splinter, crack, or rot like wood does.

Rubber Mulch.
Rubber mulch is another one of the most popular green home accessories people have been using to great effect recently. This alternative kind of mulch is made from 100% recycled tires. It prevents weeds, repels insects, and provides a safe place for kids to play.

Motion Detectors
These green home accessories are all about cutting down a home’s energy usage. Many outdoor light fixtures get left on all night, bothering wildlife and wasting energy. Lights that are activated by motion or are on a timer can help keep an area well-lit only when it needs to be, while also saving energy and money all the while.

Remodeling a house is a big investment. Using green home accessories to build environmentally friendly house additions can help reduce the cost of a project, and also ensure a higher return on investment.

If you have any questions about these green home improvements and home additions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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