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For more than 40 years, Hopkins & Porter has transformed the way families live in Northwest Washington, D.C., Southern Montgomery County and select areas in Virginia.

Our clients want to make big changes in their lives. They live in great cities, but they suffer being penned in by too many walls and too many small, closed-off rooms. Their post-war homes lack the amenities of recent builds, with bathrooms that are too small and rooms that don’t serve a modern, casual lifestyle.

Worse, they feel disconnected from their families. Formal, single-purpose rooms don’t flow into one another, and they keep the family apart. They feel stifled by their home and crave the relaxed, calming feeling that large windows and open space bring into their lives.

You worked hard to own your own home. You deserve to get the best quality family-time you can with the ones you love. A home remodel can create the space and openness you want as well as provide the value you deserve.

“[Hopkins & Porter’s representative] was remarkable at listening, hearing and being careful to understand exactly what we were trying to achieve. … Over the following months, we learned we could completely trust the H&P team either to figure out ways to transform our visions into reality or to help us adjust our expectations into financial feasibility. … The H&P team stopped at nothing to make sure every detail of our project was completed to our full satisfaction. They demonstrated the highest standards of professional integrity and became lifelong friends to our family in the process.”

- Peter & Heather Germantown, MD

The Design-Build Difference

At Hopkins & Porter, we understand what homeowners look for in a home remodeling contractor.

In our over 40 years of business, we’ve seen cut-rate competitors come and go. They don’t understand that cost overruns and poor schedule management hurt the builder as much as the clients. They don’t know that to please a client, the first thing a designer has to do is listen. And these competitors don’t take the time or spend the money needed to make sure the construction processes run seamlessly.

If you go with a firm that doesn’t understand your needs, you’ll end up with problems that wind up costing you more in the long run than doing things the right way the first time.

Our three-step process ensures the client’s voice is heard, and the home renovation gives them exactly what they want, within their budget.

Our Process

  1. Our team speaks with you to get a feel for your needs and budget. We conduct preliminary reviews on zoning, codes, budget and design scheme. This work is done for an hourly fee.
  2. Our design experts develop full plans, including securing permits, drawing a final design and arriving at a final fixed cost. While the designers work, we guide the client through the selection of finishes, materials, fixtures and appliances. This work is done for a fixed fee.
  3. Then, the final stage is the construction process. Our master craftsmen and project manager keep the client updated throughout the remodeling process and work quickly and thoroughly. This stage is billed by the final fixed construction price.

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Client Satisfaction is Our Obsession

The key to longevity in the home renovation business is client satisfaction. And our clients have never been happier. We assure we’ve met all their needs by commissioning two separate surveys from Guild Quality, recognized as an industry leader. Clients are surveyed at the completion of the design process, when the construction contract is signed and, again, at the conclusion of their project so that we can continue to bring the best customer service to our clients and improve our systems.

At the completion of the project, we also offer an active 2-year warranty with walk-throughs after 9 months and again after 18 months to assess any concerns. Our happy clients know that any issues, no matter how small, will be addressed by our professionals.

Steps to Satisfaction

Our innovative client satisfaction methods are built on proven techniques.

  1. We hold weekly on-site meetings to stay on-schedule. Our project managers use these meetings to hold a schedule together and get through the No. 1 reason for delays: client indecision.
  2. We guide our clients based on their budget. Our flexible staff present multiple options for every decision to keep the project within the clients’ means. We’ve been doing it so long that we have workarounds ready to go.
  3. We stick to a collaborative process. Design is not a dogmatic statement; it’s always a conversation. The only way to satisfy clients is to make sure they’re heard.
  4. We pride ourselves in our professional crews. Hopkins & Porter workmen act professionally on the job and make as little disruption as possible in our clients’ lives, including leaving clean sites. We leave clean sites and are professional on the job.

“My wife and I hired Hopkins & Porter for a major remodeling job on our home. We could not be happier with the end results! They understood what we were looking for and turned it into reality. The results exceeded our expectations. And Hopkins & Porter guided us through the whole process to make a complex job seem simple. Our construction manager was great -- honest, trustworthy and had a great attention to detail. And he was available day and night via phone, text or email. I highly recommend Hopkins & Porter for any remodeling needs.”

- Scott C.

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Home Renovation

Our home renovations give clients the transformation they’ve been looking for. Their new spaces function as homes and art pieces. Instead of feeling cramped by design that doesn’t fulfill their needs, clients feel free to engage with their family and their house. A home renovation can make a client feel like a better spouse and a better parent.

And the best part? Our clients don’t have to move. The home of their dreams is right where they are today. They can keep their neighbors, schools, doctors and everything they love about their community.

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Sometimes, a footprint just doesn’t fit with what a family needs. Maybe they’re growing beyond what the space can accommodate. Maybe an older family member needs to move to the first floor, requiring a lot more space downstairs.

Whatever the need, an addition gives you a lot more space to work with. With additions, we can move fixtures and redesign rooms to provide a footprint that works for your family. And sometimes, the best solution to a lack of space is right in your own backyard. Extending your interior space by a few feet can make the difference between feeling cramped or having plenty of space to create rooms that fit your family’s lifestyle.

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens have become heart of the home and a critical part of most renovations. Nearly all homeowners are looking for kitchen upgrades that often bring down the walls and open it up to the living room. They want to add countertop space to increase the work area and need more storage and seating for entertaining purposes.

Our kitchen renovations create rooms you’ll want to spend more time in and open your home up. Clients are asking for more casual spaces that fit better with modern life. These multi-use rooms mean everyone can get in on the action, wherever they are in the home.

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Bathroom Renovation

We see a lot of different ideas for the bathroom. Some homeowners focus on the utilitarian needs of getting multiple people ready in the morning with as little pain as possible. Others want luxurious spaces where they can relax and get away from the world.

Bathroom renovation is usually a practice in finding space and reorganizing, whether the footprint of the bathroom is expanding or not. Doing it all within code requires a special expertise that Hopkins & Porter is known for.

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