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Core Company Values


  • Joy in what we do, a love of the Builder's craft that leads to excellence, elegance, and creativity.
  • An open, healthy, safe, working environment where people can communicate freely and comfortably and where they feel acknowledged, recognized, and appreciated.
  • Personal growth and development, self-discipline, self-respect, and pro-active professionalism.
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  • Honesty and integrity towards all parties in all relationships.
  • A business built on long-term relationships — loyal employees and customers.
  • A fair profit as a measure of success, providing long-term stability for the owners and employees.
  • Balance and centeredness in all our dealings. Win-win solutions in all problems for all parties. A responsibility to act with care and concern for others in every situation.
  • Concern for the greater good of the environment and the community.
  • Providing the means to bring our customer's goal and aspirations to fulfillment.
  • A belief that a skillfully created and designed environment enlivens its occupants and those that build it.


Why Our Clients Love Us

At Hopkins & Porter, our hands-on approach separates us from the others. We have delighted homeowners for over 40 years with our client-first philosophy. Our pinpoint focus is on providing quality and service from concept through to completion of your project.

We even survey our clients to make sure we get it right. Guild Quality, our independent survey partner, checks our client satisfaction ratings during projects — many times more than once. These surveys let us know how we’re doing before your project starts, during and after your project is completed. This process alerts us to any concerns quickly. Our focus is to be the best at what we do, and that means providing consistent, on-going communication throughout the remodeling process.


“My wife and I hired Hopkins & Porter for a major remodeling job on our home. We could not be happier with the end results! They understood what we were looking for and turned it into reality. The results exceeded our expectations. And Hopkins & Porter guided us through the whole process to make a complex job seem simple.  Our construction manager was great -- honest, trustworthy and had a great attention to detail. And he was available day and night via phone, text or email. I highly recommend Hopkins & Porter for any remodeling needs.”Scott C.


We stand behind our work

Hopkins & Porter’s 2-year / 5-year Active Warranty keeps us engaged with your project even after the construction is over.

We do a thorough walk-through of your project 9 months after completion to find and correct any concerns that might appear after settling. At 18 months, we do another walk-through to be sure you are completely happy with your new space. After the 2-year Active Warranty is concluded, Hopkins & Porter still covers any defects in materials for a total of five years from date your project was completed.


Lasting Legacy Leads to Luxury Locker Room


One of our recent remodels came to us after a trip down memory lane.

An attorney living in Arlington wanted to purchase a home away from the city. He ended up purchasing a home built 20 years prior by Hopkins & Porter. The attorney was so impressed at the condition and quality of his new purchase, especially compared with his Arlington home built just 10 years before, that he asked Hopkins & Porter to design and finish the basement area.

The home, located in Merry-Go-Round Farms in Potomac, was exactly what they wanted to entertain their large family and friends, especially in the summer months since they added a built-in pool.

The Potomac house basement remodel brought a new challenge: design a locker room with a farmhouse feel. The home’s pool invited parties, and with them, a need for more storage, showers, lockers and changing rooms.

The locker room features:

  • A double-faucet wall mount sink that accommodates more than one person at a time
  • A water closet for quick in-and-out access that keeps the room free
  • Plenty of shelf space for towels
  • A dozen lockers, each with generous space
  • Two private showers
  • A hidden washer/dryer combo for taking care of towels and swimsuits immediately


The locker room means the family can keep the pool out of the main house. No wet swimsuits and towels strewn about the house. No paths of wet footprints. No need for tons of towels taking up all the space in closets.

The locker room gave us a new challenge and a chance to stretch our legs on the design. Now, the home sports a unique highlight of any visit that will add value for years to come. We always strive to find new ways to add features that people fall in love with.

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    A Big Family Needs a Big Addition


    A Hopkins & Porter client off a private road in Darnestown had a great problem: a large family that visited often from Ireland. When they had visitors in from out of town, everyone was packed in like sardines. They needed more space that could sleep several families at once.

    The client also needed an office space with its own separate entrance. He worked from home periodically and hated bringing clients through the house. He needed a space that would fuel his creativity during the workday and that was entirely separate from his home.

    A Hopkins & Porter addition solved both the client’s problems. And it added an over-sized, three-car garage which serves as the foundation for a second-floor, fully furnished guest suite. The suite can accommodate at least six people and could house 10-15 if the need arose. The suite is essentially self-contained, with a large ¾ bath, kitchenette, bar area, living space with large flat screen television and all the amenities. A fridge and sink mean visiting family can make simple meals and drinks without having to use the main house kitchen. The suite connects to a deck to give them more room to spread out if desired.

    Now when the clan flies in from overseas, they have a place all their own within the estate, no matter how many family members they bring. The high wood-beam ceilings lend a spacious feeling regardless of how many people occupy it and give the space a warm, homey feel.

    The client’s downstairs office gives him a comfortable sanctuary that keeps work stimulating. His desk stretches across the wall, with plenty of storage space to keep paperwork from piling up.

    A musician, he has room for instruments and a cozy window seat to play them on. Barn-door slides conceal a 60-inch TV for when the avid sports fan wants to take in a soccer game while he works. A built-in bar helps entertain clients.

    With a single Hopkins & Porter addition, our client has a place to work, a new garage and suite to host the whole extended family.

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      Making Room for Returning Vets


      A family who just moved from Salt Lake City, Utah, needed a large enough home to accommodate their family which included two adult children who were both in the military. The homeowners wanted their children to have a place to land during the periods between deployments. They found the perfect home in Germantown, but it needed some reorganization of the floorplan and some additional space. Their goal was to provide the independence they would enjoy as civilians – freedom to come and go as they pleased, space to exercise and cook on their own, in a home that didn’t feel like they were living under their parents’ thumb.

      Hopkins & Porter was up to the challenge.

      First, we turned to a natural extension of the home, a garage addition. A sharp-angled roof with a gabled dormer matches the adjacent face of the main house. The cupola and recessed wall trellis complement the Spanish architecture in the back of the main home, with its semi-circular arcades. One of the most critical aspects of additions is the fit or blend with the existing structure. This addition flows naturally from the main house as if the pair were designed and built at the same time.

      The 3-car garage features a full suite above with everything you would need in your own apartment. There’s room for a bed, a dining nook, a seating area as well as full kitchen, laundry room and bathroom. The occupant can come and go as he or she pleases without disturbing anyone in the main house.

      A remodel of the existing basement area would provide more than enough space to house the second veteran with enough privacy and the ability to come and go as well.

      The newly refinished basement sports new tile and wood floors and adds an exercise room and laundry room in addition to a full suite, with enough room left over for a pool table. With a separate entrance near the new garage addition, access to the outside from the basement, both veterans now had a full range of accommodations they needed to live completely independently. In addition to adding living space, the family also needed touch-up work on the main home, including a new front door entranceway and additional work on the portico overhang to enhance the architectural style.

      The media room was revised, with the most important addition being a rolling screen that served as a target for the highest tech movie projector available as well as a cover for the electronics powering the home’s servers and sophisticated alarm system.

      We also reworked the office, designed around the client’s request for an all-wood theme. Our design adds a recessed cabinet hidden by wall panels for a television and coffered ceilings.

      As a final touch, we added a gas lantern above their mailbox that burns 24/7 and always looks beautiful.

      With the new addition and remodeling, the family has room for their returning warriors and new spaces to entertain guests.

      • Addition Back View 1
      • Addition Back View 3
      • Addition Bahama Room 2
      • Addition Bahama Room 4
      • Addition Exterior View 3
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      • Kitchen Cabinetry Fridge Cover
      • Livingroom 1
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      • Lower Level Office 1

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