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Bathroom Remodeling: Tips & News

​The one room of one's home which is always procrastinated upon during the remodeling process is the bathroom. Yes, a stunning, updated bathroom increases your home's value and is appreciated by everyone; however, the thought of not using a certain bathroom in your home during the remodeling process makes people hesitant to...
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Potomac Pool Room Built Just in Time

Hopkins & Porter just recently remodeled an unfinished basement and turned it into a pool room in the Merry-Go-Round Farm community for a Potomac, MD family. The room comes just in time for the approaching summer months.Pool Room AmenitiesThe space includes storage lockers, dual s...
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What To Expect From a Kitchen Remodeling Project

​If you live in Washington metro area and are looking for kitchen remodeling, Hopkins & Porter has the team you need. From helping you with countertops, cabinets, windows and outfitting, we can restore your kitchen after flooding or give you an upgrade that includes smart home features. To learn more about what we can o...
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Options for Finishing Your Basement

When you have an unfinished basement, at some point, you will probably want to renovate it to increase your usable square footage as well as increase the value of your home. If you're unsure of how to use the extra space, many options exist for homeowners.Options for Finishing Your BasementBusiness Office -- If you're an en...
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Using A Home Addition To Make Room For Kids

When you first bought your home, you might not have anticipated children. Whether it started off as being your starter home or you simply chose a smaller home because of not needing any extra room, now things have changed. You need to make room for kids, and this often involves a home addition.Before you get started, you ne...
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What Kind of Flooring Should I Put in my Home Addition?

When it comes to flooring for your home addition, there are many popular options to choose from. Nonetheless, a prime factor driving your decision making should be the purpose your home addition will serve. There are practical considerations when it comes to selecting the best flooring material. Regardless, there are ways t...
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Kitchen Remodeling: Upgrades That Make Your Kitchen Backsplash Easy to Clean

Installing kitchen tile backsplashes is a favorite among homeowners everywhere because it can make your kitchen look great. However, in order for your backsplash to truly look its best, it has to be kept clean.Since backsplashes are typically located near the stove and other areas of your kitchen that can become greasy and ...
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Home Additions: To Build Up or Out?

If you've found that your house is no longer spacious enough for you and your family, you might consider doing a home addition or remodel project. There are many directions in which a project like this can go. One basic detail to figure out is whether you would like to build up or out. If you have a one-story house, you cou...
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Ask Yourself these Questions Before a Home Addition Project

Many homeowners will undergo a home addition at least once in their lives. Additions are great for freeing up space and adding more room to a house. You will want to be informed as much as possible before such a big project.​Make sure to ask these important questions before embarking on a home addition:1. How much...
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Winterize Windows In Maryland Homes

Cold weather is right at the doorstep. Windows should be on your winter checklist, along with the phone number for experienced handyman services in Potomac, MD, like Hopkins & Porter. Weather the worst of winter with professionally winterized windows.Window FunctionWindows provide ventilation and natural lighting in a h...
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Which Home Additions / Remodeling Projects Provide the Best Return on Investment?

Renovations are a huge investment of time, money, and effort. Homeowners would do well to strategically choose the home additions or remodeling projects that give them the biggest bang for their buck. Let's take a look at a few additions or projects that provide a high return on investment.1. Front DoorBelieve it or not, th...
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Indoor Air Quality and Green Home Remodeling

​Green home remodeling and energy-efficient home improvements are becoming the most popular trend in the housing market. However, did you know these projects can negatively affect your indoor air quality? Many of the most effective green home remodeling techniques work by helping to close the building envelope and air seali...
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Kitchen Design Styles that you will Love

A kitchen is such an important facet of the home in 2016. Not only for the role it serves but also the design. A well designed kitchen shows off the interior of the home.Check out if you would entertain any of these kitchen design styles inside your home?Kitchen Design Styles​Country FarmhouseModern...
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Hopkins & Porter Offer Carpentry Services

​So many parts of your home are made of wood or have wood in them. We at Hopkins & Porter Handymen are here for all your carpentry needs, whether it is your staircase, deck, or molding. We do all types of repairs in addition to builds and installations.You might think it will be easy to do carpentry projects on your own...
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Kitchen Remodeling Maryland: Upgrade The Heart Of Your Home

Whether you are buying a new home that needs some upgrading, or want to give your current home some tender loving care, you should consider remodeling your kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home, where you spend a great deal of your time. Regardless of whether you are the one making meals, cleaning up, or just using ...
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Use the Design/Build Alternative

Homeowners can spend a lifetime searching for just the perfect home that has the layout, design and, more importantly, the right feel. Instead of spending years searching for a home that possesses all of your desired qualities, focus on the location, home size, and use the Design/Build alternative. Custom closets, energy ef...
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Handyman Services in Potomac, MD — Devoted to Customer Satisfaction

​As the premier residential architecture design and build firm in the Mid-Atlantic Region, Hopkins and Porter has been transforming lives and building dreams since 1977. Remodeling homes to suit new owners, and designing and constructing unique custom homes based on client needs is our specialty. What you may not know is th...
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Hopkins & Porter Hits Home Run, Receives 2016 Guildmaster High Distinction Award

Now, that the weather is heating up, Summer wouldn't be official without a good ol' game of baseball. So in support of our Nation's capital, the entire Hopkins & Porter team spent the day watching the Washington Nationals take on their rival, The New York Mets. We hope you are enjoying this great weather, too! And ......
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Custom Homes: The Benefits of Custom Builds

When considering purchasing a new home, homebuyers will often have to decide whether they want to purchase an older home or a new construction home. Oftentimes, individuals will be torn between these two options due to the fact that older homes often have a certain charm and appeal, while new construction homes will offer t...
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Draw Up a Plan and Use Handyman Services in Maryland for the Execution

Making adjustments, additions, or upgrades to a home is a natural thing for homeowners to do, especially when they intend on staying in the same home for a long time, if not for the rest of their life. Some individuals are willing to learn how to do almost everything on their own to gain valuable knowledge and to save money...
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