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Bathroom Remodeling: Tips & News


The one room of one’s home which is always procrastinated upon during the remodeling process is the bathroom.  Yes, a stunning, updated bathroom increases your home’s value and is appreciated by everyone; however, the thought of not using a certain bathroom in your home during the remodeling process makes people hesitant to begin.  


When using a reliable, experienced company like Hopkins & Porter, the space is maximized, the design is flawless and the end product makes the wait time worthwhile.


Of course, the most important part of the process is when you think or decide upon a vision for your bathroom, and this helpful blog below may trigger some thoughts.


5 Ideas for Remodeling a Small Bathroom


Whether your bathroom is outdated or it simply feels cramped, if you are thinking about remodeling a small bathroom, you might be wondering what you can do to make it into a beautiful, functional space. Luckily, there are several things you can do to better maximize the space in a small bathroom when you remodel it.


Pedestal Sink


While a pedestal sink will eliminate counter space as well as storage space beneath the sink, it will give you more floor area, which can be used for other bathroom features. Plus, it will make a small bathroom feel less crowded.


If you want a double sink, pedestal sinks are a great idea for a small bathroom since they will take up a lot less space than a traditional double vanity. You can still create some storage space beneath your pedestal sink by making a skirt around the sink. Then you can hide a few essential items beneath your sink without having your bathroom look cluttered.


Pick One


While it is nice to have a separate bathtub and shower in a bathroom, if your bathroom is small, you will likely need to pick one. If you feel both are essential, get a bath/shower combo. If you have two or more bathrooms in your home, you may also want to have a shower in one bathroom and a bathtub in another one.  


Often, this not only gives you a less-crowded bathroom, but it also gives your bathroom a more luxurious feel. For example, if you only have a shower, you can have your shower with room to move around rather than the one where you feel cramped the whole time you are showering. Then you might be able to fit the jetted tub in the other bathroom, which otherwise would only be able to fit a small tub and tiny shower.


Eliminate the Bathroom Linen Closet


Some homes already have the linen closet in the hallway, but if yours is in the bathroom, you may want to consider moving it to the hallway. While having a linen closet in the bathroom is often convenient, that space can be used for a shower, a larger bathtub, or a larger vanity. In some cases, simply having the extra floor space is nice.


If you are considering eliminating your bathroom linen closet, one of the first things you should do is make sure you have a convenient place where you can store towels, washcloths, and other items that you currently have in your closet. In some cases, if you have a large bathroom vanity, many of these items can be stored beneath the sink or in vanity drawers. Many homes also have a hallway closet, which is just outside the bathroom. Some people find this to be a convenient place to store their towels and other bathroom items.  


Before deciding to eliminate your bathroom linen closet, you may want to practice being without it for a week or two. Move the towels and other items to the hallway closet, or wherever you are going to store them once you get rid of your bathroom closet. If you find it inconvenient to not have access to these items in the bathroom, consider if the inconvenience is worth the extra space in the bathroom. In some cases, making the linen closet smaller, instead of eliminating it, is a good compromise.


Maximize Storage Space


Many small bathrooms have limited storage space. Medicine cabinets, which can be built over the bathroom sink, and other wall storage units are often a good option. They create a great storage space, without taking away from precious floor space.


Build-in storage shelves along one wall is another way to maximize your bathroom storage space. If you have eliminated other storage area, such as the area under the sink or your bathroom linen closet, or if your bathroom simply does not have enough storage space, you may want a small storage cabinet that can fit into a corner or another unused bathroom area. A small cabinet next to a pedestal sink gives people easy access to washcloths and can store other items that would normally be placed on the vanity counter.




Unfortunately, there is sometimes not a lot that can be done to make a small bathroom feel larger and to maximize a small space. If that is the case, you may want to consider expanding your small bathroom, making it the size you really want. While expanding a bathroom is not always an option, it works well if you have an unused or underused room next to the bathroom. For example, if you are an empty-nester, the bathroom can expand into the bedroom, which was once a child's bedroom but that is now just a junk room. You can also expand your bathroom by adding to your home. This works well if the bathroom is on the back of the house, and you want to expand the size of all the rooms on the back portion of your home.


Of course, there are many other options for creating a better space in a small bathroom. Bathroom remodels can be tricky, especially when it comes to plumbing when you move the bathtub, shower, toilet, or sink. If you want to make sure your bathroom remodel is done correctly, contact us. Our experienced staff can help you design and create your perfect bathroom, even when you only have a small space.




If your bathroom is in need of an upgrade, you may be considering replacing the fixtures to update the space, but if you've always wanted one of those spa-like bathrooms, you can always get a little more creative. You usually get a good return on your investment in bathroom remodeling projects, so don't be afraid to treat yourself to some of these features.

  1. Upgraded tile work. Pick out some nice porcelain or stone tile for your bathroom. Maybe create an accent wall with a favorite tile, or make a mosaic backsplash. Put your own unique touch on the space with a creative tile design.
  2. Glass frameless shower doors. These give the shower a clean, up-to-date look.
  3. Massage panels in the shower. A little hydro-massage is a great way to relax and loosen some tight muscles.
  4. Soaking tub. Whether you like an old-fashioned claw-foot tub or a sleek modern freestanding tub, if you have the room, a soaking tub is a great option after a long day.
  5. Heated floors. There's nothing like stepping out of the shower onto a heated surface. You will feel like you're in a 5-star hotel, especially if you include a heated towel bar too.
  6. Sitting area. It may sound strange, but if you have the room, it's something to consider. Nobody's going to bother you in the bathroom, so why not make it into your own little retreat? Some people include a little fireplace or even a small television.


Bathrooms are popular remodeling projects these days, because they are evolving from strictly utilitarian spaces into more relaxing getaways. If you are ready for an upgrade, consider including some of these features for a space you can really enjoy.


For more information on bathroom remodeling and other home upgrades in the Potomac area, contact us.


*Today’s bathrooms have transitioned into an important design element of your home.  Many different styles or even your personalized style can make your bathroom display absolutely stunning appeal.


Inspiration For Your Bathroom Remodel

You know it's time to have that bathroom redone, but you just don't know what style you want. If you aren't sure what kind of bathroom remodeling you want done, we have some inspiration for you.



Country doesn't have to mean dark. A light whitewash on the wood and some unusual lines can give your bathroom a country feel while keeping the mood light and airy. This can make a country look work even in the middle of the city.

Modern Contemporary


Sleek lines and single panel doors keep a contemporary bathroom feeling streamlined and modern. Sharp edges and angles help give the bathroom a clean, crisp feeling.


Contemporary designs can also use what first appear to be more country design. The pump style faucet add a touch of vintage country while the glass bowl brings it into the modern age. On the opposite wall, strong lines and open, minimalist storage define the room as contemporary.




When you want to do a vintage style bathroom, the details are what define the style. Tiles can make the room say vintage, even with more modern updates. For instance, a small black and white tiled floor that is echoed in the walls makes a strong statement. Echoing the vintage message are the modern versions of old style faucets.


We hope you are feeling inspired! We can work with you regarding your budget and plan requirements, and we can even help with layout suggestions to maximize your space! From the start, we're with you. We can even help you choose the accessories that will go best with your new bathroom. If you're ready to go to the next step, contact us today!


*Hopkins & Porter feel that every renovation, big or small, is important to you, so we make it our most important project.  Amazing things can be implemented, even on a smaller budget.  Check out some ways below.




According to research from Houzz, home improvements intended to increase a property's value were up 47% from last year in the United States, while 83% of home improvements made in recent years were done to improve the look and feel of a home.     


According to Scarborough research, 56% of Americans that made home improvements in the past 12 months spent $1,000 or more.


Why not do both without breaking the bank?


The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the entire house, and is also one of the main things many potential home buyers focus on when looking for houses. Quick, simple bathroom remodeling projects would not only make the house more useful, but also more valuable. Best of all, a custom bathroom remodel does not have to break the bank, either.


Here are just a few awesome, cost efficient bathroom ideas you can use to do big things with your little restroom.


Refinish Your Bathroom's Fixtures.


Why buy new when you can make something like new? One of the cheapest bathroom ideas out there that can quickly rejuvenate the space is to reglaze your bathtub, and sink. New fixtures can cost upwards of $2,000, but having a professional reglaze things will only run you about $800 — and that's hiring a professional.


Paint Your Bathroom.


Who said bathroom renovations had to be so heavy duty? One of the simplest, most affordable home remodeling projects is to paint a room, so why not freshen up your bathroom's walls? Just be sure to paint slowly. There are usually a lot of tricky spots in a bathroom, like the around the sink, mirror, tub, etc. so you need a gentle touch. If you want to get more out of a paint job, another of the frugal bathroom ideas would be to add a second color to the bathroom, adding a two-tone wall or an accent wall.


Mount a Wall Cabinet.


No matter how big or small the space, every room could always use more storage, which is why the last of our bathroom ideas is to wall-mount a new cabinet. That way, you have space for towels, toiletries, and what have you, without eating up any floor space.


These are just a few of the cool bathroom ideas that are out there. If you know of any other bathroom ideas, feel free to share in the comments.


We hope you enjoyed these tips, thoughts and possibilities for your upcoming bathroom remodel.  Hopkins & Porter have extensive experience renovating bathrooms in your area, and they also have many brilliant designs and ideas of their own for your bathroom.


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