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What To Expect From a Kitchen Remodeling Project

What To Expect From a Kitchen Remodeling Project

If you live in Washington metro area and are looking for kitchen remodeling, Hopkins & Porter has the team you need. From helping you with countertops, cabinets, windows and outfitting, we can restore your kitchen after flooding or give you an upgrade that includes smart home features. To learn more about what we can offer you, keep reading.

Should you get a kitchen renovation or remodel?

If you only need to get your kitchen cabinets torn out and installed with new models, do you really need a full renovation? When it comes to changing kitchen countertops, installing new appliances or giving the walls a new coat of paint, this is not the same as a full renovation. Instead, unlike a remodel, renovation of bathrooms often includes pulling up flooring and could involve adding new drywall or ceilings. With a kitchen remodel, specific areas of the kitchen are chosen to be changed while other areas of the same room are left untouched. This is especially true if old countertops and cabinets do not match newly installed appliances. Naturally, a remodel is much less expensive than a complete renovation no matter which kitchen remodelers you choose.

Which features should be the focus of your kitchen makeover?

In some situations like adding new appliances that are too large or small for your current cabinets or countertops, there are less intensive remodels. For instance, if you want a kitchen makeover that will dramatically change the way the room looks without spending very much money, there are a couple of key ways this can happen. Namely, the doors of kitchen cabinets can be replaced to instantly draw the eye when someone enters the room. Instead of traditional doors, glass and lighting can be installed inside of each cabinet to give the room a new effect. One other kitchen remodel that makes an old room look like new are installing new kitchen countertops in modern stone trends such as quartz or agate instead of marble and granite.

What to expect from a kitchen remodel

When you call on kitchen remodeling contractors to help you change the way your home looks or operates, the first step is the consultation. We will visit your home to inspect the kitchen and take a few key measurements. After we have some parameters, our next steps are to combine your ideas with your expectations for a budget. When the ideas are paired to a practical financial goal, the supplies can be ordered and the work can begin. Regardless, we do not show up unannounced and barge into your home to start working whenever we are ready.

How we protect you and your home during a kitchen renovation

When it comes to the safety of our customers, it may not come in the form they are expecting. Along with following safety rules when working with plumbing, gas or electricity in a kitchen renovation, we are also keenly aware that strangers knocking on your door feels more friendly when they are wearing a shirt with our company logo. We also call from our trucks before we knock on your door to ensure that you remember our pre-scheduled appointment. Once we are inside, we wear shoe covers to protect your floors, and we use drop cloths to keep the dust or other building materials from damaging other areas of the home.

What about smart home devices?

The future is here, and it is found in the form of smart home devices that are controlled by an app on your smartphone. Unlike other areas of the home, the kitchen is especially ruled by these new smart home devices. For example, the oven and coffee maker can be operated remotely with a smartphone. Devices that might need to be installed by a pro include the smart home lighting, bluetooth home theaters and remote-controlled self-dimming kitchen windows. Other types of smart home devices that might be centralized in the kitchen include security cameras and the thermostat.

The biggest trend we see: The kitchen island on wheels

Over the years, certain trends come and go, and the overhanging rack is just one. While some trends are practical in a space, others are stationary objects that harbor resentment over time because they are bulky and in the way. For this reason, the kitchen island on wheels has become a convenient way to use a countertop or storage when you need it, and put it against the wall when you do not.

Luxury homes are particularly interested in investments that involve pulling up the old kitchen island and putting wheels in its place. To achieve the mobile kitchen island look, the old island might need to be removed. Once the new kitchen island is wheeled into the space, the next step is to make sure the flooring is suitable. For example, if the kitchen island is wheeled onto the patio for grilling, the unit will need to be able to coast along with floor without getting jolted from a weak floor board, troublesome door trim, or other parts of the door jamb.

Let us help you with your next kitchen remodeling

Finding kitchen remodeling contractors is difficult when you do not know which options you should be looking for. To get a better understanding of all of the choices available for home remodeling or renovation, give Hopkins & Porter a call today. We are happy to help residential or commercial customers in the Washington metro area, and we look forward to meeting you in person. Thank you for choosing us as your kitchen remodelers, and be sure to tag us in social media with before and after photos.

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