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The ‘New Formal’ in Custom Built Homes

The ‘New Formal’ in Custom Built Homes
Real estate experts have noted that the young Millennial home buyers are not as concerned with having a formal living room or dining room. Custom homes today don't exclude formal living spaces at all. According to an article by D Home magazine, the formal living and dining rooms have not been completely eradicated from cust...
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Why You Should Consider Green Home Building

Why You Should Consider Green Home Building
Building a green home has noticeable benefits in regard to economic and social reasons. However, you should also understand the environmental benefits that come from green home building as you may find it as an excellent investment for the future of the world you live in. It is possible to make an outstanding contribution w...
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4 Reasons to Buy Custom Homes

You've got a vision of what your dream home will be. Think you'll never get there? Well, you easily can with custom homes . By building your own custom home, you call the shots!  Why a Custom Home? Modern Design:  This is your chance to give your home a completely modern appearance that will impress your friends, ...
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A Kitchen Remodel with Understated Elegance

A kitchen remodel to create a more open flow can lead to more family bonding and socializing. According to an  article  by SFGate, new kitchen remodels are getting away from flashy touches. Kitchens are a little quieter and more elegant with fewer large obtrusive ranges, oversized hoods and flashy, glossy mat...
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3 Reasons NOW is the Time for Home Additions

Considering a home addition? You’re not alone. Home additions are one of the most popular types of renovations, and for good reason. Home additions can help a wide range of homeowners, from those who aim to sell later and want good returns, to baby boomers aging in place rather than downsizing. They can even be built in the...
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Try These Trendy Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Realtors say it's the kitchen that sells a home. Whether you are planning a kitchen remodeling or consulting with a design team for your custom home, consider several on-trend kitchen remodeling ideas. Unifying several rooms According to a kitchen trends survey by Houzz , most homeowners want kitchen remodeling that opens t...
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Handyman Services Save You the Headache

“Is it time to call for handyman services?” It’s a common question for homeowners, who face a variety of maintenance and repair jobs that they likely have no experience whatsoever fixing or even deciding how to fix. There’s a huge difference between trying to do it yourself, hiring a licensed profession or hiring a handyman...
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Everything You Need to Know About Home Remodeling

When you live in a home for many years, there will come a time when you will consider remodeling the house as it is starting to wear down and does not look as upbeat. The entire process, including deciding whether to rebuild the house, is a very daunting task and can easily take a few months to complete. You can achieve you...
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Home Remodeling Experts: 3 Reasons To Use Professionals

Whether you are buying a new home that needs some work done, or you want to make changes to your existing home, it may be tempting to start a DIY project. But in fact, looking for a home remodeling expert is probably a better choice. Here are three reasons why. 1. Professionals can help you to visualize your space...
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