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Design-Build Process: Make Your Dream Home a Hassle-Free Reality


Designing and building your dream home is something that everyone hopes to do someday. This is an amazing, once-in-a lifetime opportunity. However, choosing to tackle home design without outside help from experienced professionals can quickly turn a dream home into a nightmare. Using our award-winning design-build process and services gives you the professional expertise you need to make your home design fantasies reality, while keeping the process as easy and exciting as possible.

1. Design-Build Process: Schematic Design

Design-build begins with the schematic design phase, where we meet with you to put your dreams on paper. We will prepare schematic design sketches and floor plans based on your individualized architectural vision and financial needs. During your consultation, you can address concerns such as existing conditions, zoning codes, and budget constraints before they become problems.

2. Design-Build Process: Design Development

After the initial consultations, the next step in the design-build process is the design development stage. The schematic sketches and floor plans are revised to perfection with detailed specifications, becoming the final design schemes.

In this phase, we examine smaller details such as finishes and fixtures that fit into your budget and give your home the best aesthetics possible. We excel at finding creative alternatives to budget breakers, so you don't have to waste any time on cold calls and frustrating dead-end cost estimate meetings.

With a new, revised fixed cost estimate and your final designs complete, construction is just around the corner.

3. Design-Build Process: Construction

Your completed design package is now in the expert hands of our production team. After a few pre-construction meetings, construction begins. By this point, we hope to have earned a relationship based on integrity and trust between you and your team. You know exactly who will be working on your home and what it will look like after the process. It is our mission to let you sit back and relax knowing that we care about your dream home like it's one of our own.

Once the the construction is complete, we take you on a walkthrough through your new home to ensure that our Final Job Completion Checklist is complete. Our commitment to your satisfaction, however, isn’t over yet. Our unique Active Warranty program protects your home for up to two years and include nine and 18 month follow-up walkthroughs that hold our work to the highest possible standard. We want to make sure you live the dream for as long as possible.

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