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Green Home Building Mistakes to Avoid

Green Home Building Mistakes to Avoid

Being environmentally responsible is a way to leave a positive legacy for future generations. As a Maryland or Virginia home buyer, it feels good to choose the latest energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly techniques for green home building. Building a green home is about considering how the home design can blend in with the ecosystem without disrupting it. It's important to avoid certain oversights when striving to be more environmentally conscientious as a homeowner. 

Green Home Building Mistake 1: Building too much 

Instead of building a massive home, figure out exactly who you plan to accommodate with the living space now and in the future. Wasted, unused space runs of the electric bills. An experienced design-builder experienced in green home building can help you figure out how to carefully consider the purpose of the square footage. 

Your footprint is a critical part of your green home building process. The materials and construction time needed to build homes with larger footprints make the process less environmentally friendly than a smaller design. The energy costs of empty or wasted space are huge.

Green Home Building Mistake 2: Poor planning 

Before hiring a green home building contractor, think about how long you plan to live in your home. If you are going to be an empty nester soon, think about how much unused space you'll soon be using energy to heat and cool. If your kids have already moved away, consider whether it's likely you may be housing boomerang children or aging parents in the near future. If you downsize prematurely, you may need to alter the space in a way that isn't as ideal from an energy-conservation perspective. 

Green Home Building Mistake 3: Not picking energy efficient materials

Energy efficient materials have come a long way since your last home was built. Advances in windows and insulation mean you can save a lot of energy just by starting with top-of-the-line energy-efficient materials. Energy start windows with high ratings and insulation design to protect from air leaks can go a long way to reducing your energy footprint.

A new home is also an opportunity to upgrade to newer, more energy-efficient appliances and resources around the home. Now's the time to get a fridge that saves the planet. It's the perfect chance to get a rain barrel for your backyard. All the ideas you've been kicking around for years; do them now.

For more information on how Hopkins & Porter Construction, Inc., can help you build a green home that exceeds your expectations and respects the earth, please contact us.

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