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Finishing Your Basement the Right Way

Finishing Your Basement the Right Way

When you have an unfinished basement, at some point, you will probably want to renovate it to increase your usable square footage as well as increase the value of your home. If you're unsure of how to use the extra space, you have a lot of options for finishing your basement.

Business Office

If you're an entrepreneur, a basement is a perfect space to have a professional home office. If you have clients, you can even allocate part of the space as a meeting area. For basements where building a separate entrance is possible, keeping your home and your business divided is a breeze. For such an office, partition the basement space into different areas. A waiting room with comfortable chairs and tables is one such area. You can design another area as a workspace with one or more desks. A storage room and even a break room are two more possible areas. You'll also want to install a bathroom for everyone's convenience.

Dance Studio

For a family that loves to dance, you can turn your basement space into a dance studio with tile flooring, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, ballet barres, and an entertainment system for music. You can even include a video setup for recording dance routines to study later or post online. A separate changing area is also a good idea for those who prefer not to wear street clothes while dancing or for those who need to change out of sweaty clothes after dancing. In addition, a changing area is a perfect spot to store tap or toe shoes, extra leotards, hair clips, and other often used items. For dance teachers, a basement is a perfect area to hold dance classes for neighborhood children or even adults wanting to learn.

Exercise Room 

Imagine having your own private exercise space with your own machines to use whenever you want. You can select all of your favorite exercise equipment for the area. You can also have a dedicated area for exercise mats in front of a mirrored wall. You can even hold exercise classes or invite your friends to exercise with you. If you prefer to work with weights, you'll have plenty of room to set them up. With your own space, it won't matter what the weather is like, if you're having car trouble, or you just don't feel like driving across town to a gym. You'll have access to your own gym every day of the year.

Home Schooling Space 

For parents who school their children at home, a basement makes the perfect school space. With a dedicated area for education, you won't have to deal with as many distractions, all of which can make teaching more difficult. You can include a large chalkboard in the space, along with multiple desks for students, and a larger desk for yourself. You can install bookcases for a small library to hold all of the school books and any other books for recreational reading. You can also set up a play room for break time and even an area for snacks. A half bath in the basement will keep the children from having to run upstairs when they need to go. Separating your schooling space from your home space will make learning fun and much more efficient.

In-Laws Quarters 

A basement is a good area for additional bedrooms and a bathroom for your immediate family, guests, or even in-laws. If you renovate your basement into in-laws quarters, your aging relatives will have a private place that's just for them. You can set up a nice bedroom with a separate bath, a living area for them to relax in and watch television, and you can also include space for a small laundry room. You can even build a separate kitchenette with the proper permits. Such a setup will make it easier for any relatives who need to live with you due to health or other issues. They'll maintain some sense of independence and having a separate, nearby place for them will be less disruptive for your entire family.

Media Room 

For homes with limited space, a second area where family members can gather is often needed. A basement is a perfect place to set up a large television and a sectional couch or theater seating. A basement also provides sound separation from the bedrooms, so whoever is watching movies or television shows won't bother others who are trying to sleep. When everyone is home, adults can enjoy quiet time upstairs while your teens are downstairs with their friends. This area can also serve as a perfect man-cave during various sports seasons when you invite over a crowd to watch your favorite teams play.

Recreation Area 

A basement makes a great space for a recreation area and is a common choice for homeowners. Whether it's a poker or pool room for adults, a gathering place for teens to party and enjoy video games, or an area for young children to play, you can design the space to fit your family's needs. If you have a large basement, you can even divide the area into separate spaces that offer individualized entertainment for every member of the family. Consider setting up themed rooms for something truly unique and enjoyable. Install a bar for refreshments, and your basement will quickly become the favorite spot for your family and friends to spend all of their spare time.

For more information on finishing a basement or any other type of home renovation, please contact us today. Our team of professionals can help you design and remodel every room in your house!

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