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Kitchen Remodeling Stays Atop Family Priorities

Have you ever heard anyone say “My kitchen is just too large?”  I didn’t think so.
This is because the kitchen is the most important area of your home, as this is why it is referred to as “the heart of a home.”
The kitchen is the most remodeled section of a home with one of the bathrooms in a home being second.  Kitchens are constantly evolving as design ideas and trends are rapidly helping homeowners realize that specific changes are absolutely imperative for their families needs.
Hopkins & Porter can efficiently and effectively transform your kitchen with the realistic vision you may have, and they can do so in a timely, professional manner.  After all, premier customer service is their proudest attribute.




They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home for those living there. In the real estate market, an updated kitchen can also increase the overall value of a home. Because of this, many people decide a kitchen remodel is in their best interest. Most of the time it is, however, there are some incorrect information that is offered by kitchen contractors to potential clients that can throw a real monkey wrench in the plan. We've collected three of the most common inaccuracies dulled out by contractors, so when you start your kitchen remodel you'll know exactly what you are in for.


The State of the Home during the Remodel


Most kitchen contractors are completely aware that most homeowners are anxious about the mess that a renovation will take. Because of this, many offer inaccurate or incorrect information when it comes to just how messy and inconvenient the project will be. Experts agree that all home renovations regardless of who is doing them, is a messy and somewhat inconvenient process. When it comes to kitchen contractors, many will not tell you that you will be without a kitchen for the four weeks the project will take, and that you'll likely be out of laundry services, if your laundry room is located in or near the kitchen for a couple of weeks, at the minimum. Before going into a renovation, it is important to wrap your head around this idea and make peace with it, regardless of what the kitchen contractors tell you.


The Length of the Project


Most kitchen contractors are also completely aware that the length of time a project takes is a touchy subject for most homeowners. Obviously, you do not want to be living in a construction zone for an extended period of time, and many kitchen contractors will fudge the length that the project will take. Experts agree that a kitchen remodel will take, at the bare minimum at least four weeks. They agree that any kitchen contractors that quote anything under four weeks for the project are giving homeowners incorrect information. This tactic, which can breed resentment, is firmly founded in a desire to get a homeowner to start the project, as once it is started it will take as long as it takes, generally four weeks to eight weeks, depending on the project size and the type of cabinetry selected.


The Cost


This is a particularly touch subject, and, one can argue that kitchen contractors aren't really offering incorrect information when they are giving estimates. Upon your consultation, you'll meet with a contractor and he or she will attempt to go over the scope of the project with you. They will offer you an estimate, but it is likely that the estimate you initially receive will not be the exact final bill. Just be prepared for a slightly different final cost, as changes to the project, interior designer input, and final material choices, will have a significant impact on the bill when your project is all said and done.


Whether or not you start a kitchen remodel is entirely up to you. However, most people find that the value and comfort added to the home by a kitchen remodel is well worth the actual renovation process and the cost associated with it. Remember, kitchen contractors comes with inaccuracies, so be mindful and all will work out fine. When you start a kitchen remodel, simply keep the information above in mind, and you'll get through the process as seamlessly and stress-free as possible.




Kitchen remodeling seems like a daunting and expensive task, but most home owners feel that a revamped kitchen adds the most value to a home. According to Scarborough research, nearly 56% of Americans who made home improvements in the past year spent $1,000 or more — but the change was well worth it.

If you plan on a kitchen remodeling project this year, you will most likely want to be prepared for the home remodeling company and choose a few kitchen ideas that you and your family are interested in.


Kitchen Design Ideas

  1. Quartz Counters: Granite is still the most popular choice, but quartz is quickly gaining popularity. This material is part stone, part man-made and won't crack or stain.
  1. Mix It Up: Around 71% of home owners are planning on a home improvement project this year — many of which will be choosing different materials for their kitchen island. For example, having wood accents with a granite counter is a big trend.
  1. Stainless Steel: A Popular Classic When it comes to kitchen remodeling, we all think of stainless steel; and this trend isn't going anywhere fast. The stainless steel appliances are slick and sophisticated and match just about any material on the market these days.
  1. Keep It Neutral: According to home design authority Houzz's research, 83% of interior home design improvements were done to improve the look and feel of a home. Neutral colors in the kitchen will create a very warm and inviting look that will impress your guests.
  1. Small Yet Humble: Bigger doesn't always mean better. Many homeowners these days aren't opting for bigger kitchens. Instead, they are looking for ways to create more room in the space they already have, by hanging up mirrors and getting rid of clutter.
  1. Open It Up: Although not many people are opting for a bigger kitchen, they are certainly looking to connect their kitchen to their living rooms by eliminating pesky divider walls. Your kitchen will now be a focal point instead of the TV room.
  1. Cooktop Perfection: Don't know how to cook? No worries, by including a chef's stove you'll be wanting to cook the second its installed. This massive, six-burner stove has everything a cook could ever ask for — including the double ovens. Opt for a gas and electric stove for better meal results.
  1. Go Green: It may seem difficult to be energy efficient in the kitchen with all those appliances, but home owners are always looking for ways to go green and save a bit of green as well. Look for energy star efficient fridges and stovetops.
  1. Function over Form: Nearly all home owners want to improve the function of their home. You can do this by making more storage space and creating more counter space as well. Once you've found the perfect design, it is time to get to work and find a great home improvement company!




​All home remodeling is not created equal — and some rooms are vastly more challenging to redesign (and redesign well) than others. Approximately 71% of American homeowners will endeavor to improve their home interior design this year, and more than half of them, or 56% to be exact, will spend at least $1,000 doing it. If you are one of these Americans, heed a few words of caution: kitchen remodeling is difficult, but you can save yourself valuable time and a fair share of headaches by knowing what to do and what not to do.


You Must Respect The Kitchen Triangle


Yes, the kitchen triangle is a thing. Some of the best design and build contractors recommend homeowners arrange the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator in all kitchens in a triangle. This prevents any of the appliances from being too far from the others. "The triangle — sink, refrigerator, stove — is not obsolete. I see a lot of plans coming in where builders have drawn kitchens with the refrigerator on the other side of an island from the sink and stove," Linda Woodrum of HGTV says. "You have to walk around the kitchen island to get something out of the refrigerator. It's just awful. That triangle needs to be respected."


If You Don't Think About Really Cooking In Your Kitchen, You're Going to Have A Bad Time


The home improvement industry, including design and build companies, bring in $57.2 billion dollars annually. In other words, they're doing fine, and you shouldn't practically give away your money. That's what might happen, however, if you do not carefully think about ​kitchen designs​. Homeowners can get so caught up in aesthetics, they forget about designing a kitchen that is practical and functional, too. Imagine preparing meals in the kitchen at every step in the design process.

Kitchen designs need to be particular. Don't make costly mistakes. Keep your refrigerator, sink, and stove in a triangle shape, and don't go overboard on embellishments or sacrifice your kitchen's practicality.


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