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    • Historic Addition Focuses on the Details




      This home is located in Somerset, an 'enclave' or recognized protected community in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Though Somerset is registered as a historic enclave by the Maryland National Capital Parks & Planning Commission, this residence is the only individual home deemed 'historic'. Any work on the home was under intense scrutiny to meet the existing state and local requirements. The new addition had to reflect the architectural details and proportions of the existing structure. Hopkins & Porter and architect Kai Tong, AIA were up to the challenge.
    • Silver Spring, MD Addition


      After at Rae Sugar


      Interior Rae Sugar 3
      Interior Rae Sugar 1
      Interior Rae Sugar 4
    • Living in the Treetops

      Perched high on a hill, this simple house afforded a perfect opportunity to open up to magnificent views with a new front addition and deck. The design celebrates the house's location above the trees, and the dappled sunlight they create. The pitched roof plane is designed to capture views of the treetops and clouds beyond.
      The front addition extends the existing dining room and living room, and creates a corner library. The arc of the dining room extension creates an engaging panorama from within. A curved balcony and an Adirondack chair have become a favorite phone location for one of the teenagers. A high level of workmanship throughout is evident at this convergence of old and new surfaces.
      krm07 001
      The lower ceiling in the foreground shows the extent of the existing house before the front addition was designed and built by H&P.
      pembk O
      krm07 003
      Spatial continuity is reinforced between rooms with clear glass transoms at the ceiling height.
      Glass corners, free of structural supports, emphasizes a sense of lightness and transparency.


    • Bethesda Family Finds Room to Grow

       wck ktc
      This major whole house renovation transformed a cluttered and confined kitchen into a new space that flows effortlessly into adjacent family, breakfast and living areas. Some highlights:
      • The cabinetry is modern light wood, with granite countertops, and undercounter refrigeration.
      • A modern hood is accented with a glass tile backdrop.
      • A new screened porch in the rear, with twin gabled roofs, overlooks a new flagstone patio and an elegant white arbor. A new fence keeps the family’s two welsh corgies close by.
      • A vintage freestanding one car garage was completely refurbished, with new painted wood siding, new shingled roof, new gutters and downspouts, a new garage door and operator.
      • All 1950’s style bathrooms in the house were completely renewed.
      • The entire basement was transformed into a stylish apartment for the teenage son, complete with glass blocked shower and a separate outdoor entrance brick areaway.


      Wick Ext Rear
      Wick Ext Front
      wck bth
    • Growing Up from Ground Floor to Attic


      hg exterior
      Above. The new rear of the house has decks on all three levels and new window tower

      Before. The house had limited orientation to the backyard


      hg exterior b4
      This small, close-to-the-city house was purchased by the young couple about five years ago. They are both lawyers and had run their law practice out of their home, presenting cases to the U.S. Supreme Court. When they came to our company, they knew they wanted to enlarge their home for two main reasons:
      • They wanted to start a family and needed more bedrooms. There were two bedrooms in the original house and one was being used as office space. The other rooms in the house were small and had very little connection to the outside.
      • They wanted to expand their law practice to include more employees and wanted to keep their office in their home. Every square inch of space in the original house was being used, leaving no room for these additional activities.


      By the time the design work was done on the addition, the homeowners were expecting their first child, making an absolute deadline for the completion of the the house, The had also moved out of the house into rented space which had a lease that could not be extended.


      hg lvngrm

      Walls in the original house were not changed except in the attic, the new office space. The roof of the attic was raised, creating a new geometry of the roof line which in turn helped to unify the old and new parts of the house.  The addition added space to all four levels of the house including the basement. Care was taken to provide adequate head room on all four levels including the basement and the new office space in the attic.  The clients moved in on time and now have the space they need for themselves, their new baby and their three new employees, They judge the project to be a great success.


      hg kitchen  hg ktchn b4
      HG attic
    • A Mansion Gets a Makeover

      Winner 2006 Montgomery County Builder's Association
      Winner 2007 NARI Contractor of the Year Award, Metropolitan Washington Chapter

      In Georgetown, a spacious contemporary mansion's immense interior volumes and expansive outdoor views were cluttered and blocked by ill-conceived walls and ceiling planes. How to open and enhance this space required a careful, almost surgical design approach by Hopkins & Porter's Architects, as well as equal precision and timing on the part of the H&P Production team.
      H&P's Architect Kai began by 'erasing' two bulky existing rooms in the immense house that were not only blocking a two story glass wall view of a nearby body of water, but congesting an otherwise spacious "sunken" living room level. Also, looming stair shaft walls and clunky stair banister walls were obliterated to create openness and transparency throughout a multi-story entry foyer volume. Wooden stairs were removed to create space for a much needed first floor powder room. The resulting vestigial space below the new powder room was a perfect location for hidden lighting to shine up through the glass floor tiles of the powder room.
      Horv Liv vert
      A new set of curved hardwood custom stairs, with a light and airy custom steel railing, introduce another highly transparent element into the newly realized spaces, and land on a newly curved hardwood stage floor that serves as a backdrop for family theatre productions. The new open railings continue up two flights to a new curved balcony landing outside the Master Bedroom suite overlooking the diamond-plate flooring of the foyer. Another open railing allows one to look over the living room level from the dining room. The porthole in the new stainless steel front door is a motif carried throughout the house, again allowing unimpeded visual connection between different volumes of the house.
      horv trio
      The family now enjoys an unimpeded flow of energy, what some refer to as "chi", throughout the house. Beautiful vistas and soaring expanses can be experienced as an all-embracing whole, rather than through piecemeal glimpses and visual hints. And the interior views now fully surround and embrace both the homeowners and their visitors.  H&P's Production team met the unique demands for planning and precise execution required of a project constructed around the daily lives of a family of six people and one hamster, near the busy heart of Georgetown.  The Georgetown project has been awarded a 2007 Coty Award from the Metropolitan Washington Chapter of NARI.
    • A Log Cabin Reborn as Luxury Hideaway


      Cabin Remodel Exterior Back 
      This 100 year old cabin sits on Maryland bank of the Potomac River in Potomac MD. It was built using a traditional saddle-notch log construction on a stone foundation, and included a cellar and a small loft area. The logs appear to be cedar, and most of them have weathered fairly well. There was a modest frame addition added to the original cabin at some point in its history.
      Log cabin restoration experts were brought in to meticulously prepare, repair, clean, refurbish, and refinish all the exterior and interior logs and mortar. Damaged or deteriorating areas of logs were repaired or replaced. The original cedar logs were generally in good condition.
      A sheer wall of glass, floor to ceiling, with siliconed butt-glazed joints, follows the line of the river, and wraps around the two ends of the cabin, turning the roof into a visually floating plane. Because of the uneven terrain, the tall tempered and laminated glass panels were set in place by hand, without the aid of machinery. The panels are anchored by aluminum channels recessed into the ceiling and the floor. At floor level, exterior copper flashing is carried under the channel and up, to create a continuous barrier against water infiltration.


      stk cbn before
      Before: Cabin before renovation. Run down and in need of much repair.

      buc2 buc3
    • A Diagonal City View


      pickard vertical

      pickard porch

      pickard outside


      • Aging rear structure predated the neighborhood’s Historic designation
      • Entire alleyscape was cluttered and tired
      • Needed more space for their walkout basement storage, their kitchen/breakfast area on the 1st floor, and their master bedroom suite on the 2nd floor
      • Wanted a design that unified the old structure, new addition, new deck, walkways, garage and alley entrance, and enlivened the view from the alley as well as introduced an engaging bolt of energy and interest to an otherwise typical Northwest DC alleyscape
      • Rear yard was narrow and severely constrained by D. C. Zoning limitations.
      • Entire neighborhood was protected under D. C. Historic Preservation guidelines, and any design had to meet the approval of the Historic Board, as well as neighbors and advocacy groups. Extensive coordination with various interested parties was called for
      pkard before


      • Built an addition, 2 stories tall with full basement that extended in a dramatic diagonal line across the width of the rear lot. This powerful angle allows for not only a sense of space, light and view from within, but a much more open and dynamic feeling to the outdoor spaces, including the new two-leveled deck and walkways.
      • The basement level of the new addition is accessible from inside and outside, and accommodates a wine cellar, gardening storage, and other weatherproof spaces.
      • The first floor addition has a completely new kitchen and breakfast room, as well as an opened up dining area. An upper deck for the grill, as well as a larger lower deck for dining, has been designed and added. The second floor is a new MBR/MBath suite.
      • A new curved slatted cedar trellis screens off the brick garage wall facing the house, and a new custom wood gate and slatted cedar walls separate the rear yard from the alley.


      • The diagonal is the dynamic of the design, creating highly energized and engaging spaces and views both inside and outside the addition, and that angle punctuates the alleyscape.
      • The materials and color choices are intended to transition from the bold addition colors and the strong stucco party wall down to the softer stained cedar railing, accentuated by the stainless steel cable rails, to the cedar slatted texture of the garage wall, and finally to the whimsical but highly crafted and detailed custom cedar gate at the alley entry.
      • Outdoor lighting, most of it low voltage, gives a glow to the new rearyard elements of hardiplank siding and trim, cedar slats and rails, brick and stucco walls, and glass.
    • Porch with a View


      Winner of 2005 CotY Grand Award for Creative Design
      by Sharon Jaffe Dan, photography by John Troha


      This Glen Echo, Maryland, home is surrounded by mature trees and it boasts a patio and koi pond in the back yard. But because of small windows and a steeply sloping roof overhang, the homeowners felt cut off from their back yard and its views. Guy Semmes and architect Kai Tong knew the house well, since their firm, Hopkins & Porter, had already completed several renovation projects there.


      hopkins0306 3 m

      Stone retaining walls and pathways surround the curving porch.

      hopkins0306 1 m

      The new semi-circular porch replaced a steep roof that blocked views of the wooded back yard and koi pond.

      hopkins0306 4 m

    • New Design Goes Through the Roof

      Pol Bed 
      The get-away alcove to the left, and the window seat beyond, are two much-needed sanctuaries in a busy household.
      In Rockville, a compact brick rambler, with no inch of space un-used, clamored for more bedrooms and baths.
      To meet the need for space, the entire existing attic was removed, and a new full height second floor was put in place. Extensive planning allowed the old attic tearoff, the new second floor wall erection, and the craning in place of the new roof trusses, to take place in a brisk, non-stop manner.
      A recent H&P newsletter article by Dana Semmes best describes what followed.
      "In the early summer when it rained 54 days out of 61, Hopkins & Porter was calmly and carefully taking the roof off of a house.
      Our client's original plan was to build a three-story addition. Their existing house had tiny rooms on the first floor and only two bedrooms. The attic was largely storage area, and the homeowners were using their dining room table and basement for office space.
      After brainstorming with Hopkins & Porter Architect Kai Tong and Associate Lea Allen about their dreams, needs, and budget, the owners decided on a design that raised the roof on the existing footprint of the home. This provided three bedrooms and two full bathrooms on the new second floor. The master bedroom now includes an "away space", a sort-of 2nd floor den, that the client had read about in "The Not-So-Big House" by Sarah Susanka. Downstairs, the old bedrooms now provide space for two home offices, and there are plans to open up the living spaces sometime in the future.
      This project is a perfect illustration of one of the great strengths of Design/Build: we can find wonderful design solutions for our client's housing problems that also fit their budget. And we can also keep them dry even when it's raining and their roof is off!"
      The completed Rockville project was featured on a house tour.
      Pol seat to hall
      Pol Hall to bed
      Raising the roof allowed more room for a view from second floor bedroom.
      The top of the stairs previously had barely enough headroom to stand. The renovated space celebrates light and the lofty planes of the new roof.
    • Sweeping Rear Addition to Traditional House

      Winner 2010 "Grand Award for Creative Design"   Capital Contractor of the Year Awards, NARI
      The task: open up the cramped and dark interiors to a beautiful backyard. Also, unify the kitchen, family room, and living room spaces, which felt isolated from each other and from the outdoors and natural light. And, expand the basement to create a wine cellar. The project resulted in designing and building a Living Room Expansion, New Family Room with Arced Balcony, a Mid-level Landing, and a Lower Flagstone Patio with Stone Firepit.
      The Design Challenge: create maximum transparency, new views, openness, space and light, and integration with the outdoors and adjacent interior spaces.
      Structural Challenge: open up the rear wall to the maximum width.  Control topography for runoff and landscaping.
      Site Challenges: difficult sloped site with extremely high shale content. Need for tree preservation and easement clearances.
      The H&P architect chose a single strong sweeping curve in the addition's floor plan and elevation. The seemingly simple but complex design was built with detail and precision by H&P's master craftsmen.
      The arc of floor to ceiling glass wall and curved roof, which pitches upwards, captures views of treetops and clouds, and draws natural light into the previously dark interiors. The glass creates a continuous panorama of mature trees and landscaping.  A semicircular balcony cantilevers over the yard, and reinforces the addition's curved geometry. A separate intermediate deck transitions to the lower flagstone patio.
      steele before
      The owners, as well as their guests, say a new energy has enlivened their entire home. They feel that the new space, light, views, and flow of energy has transformed positively the way they experience their daily lives in the house. The entire rear wall of the addition, with the ceiling plane sloping upwards to the clouds, is an ever changing panoramic painting of their great outdoors. The owners added a dramatic water feature and landscaping to further enhance their project.
    • Total Renovation of Colonial Home Adds New Ballroom and Playroom 

      This project consisted of whole house renovation, including a completely new master suite at the second level, and a child's bedroom, bath and play area at the third level.  The owner's entertain frequently and decided to add a ballroom/entertainment to the rear of the house, three steps below the first floor to create a dramatic entrance and taller ceilings.  All existing bathrooms received major updates and all finishes on the first floor were replaced or upgraded.


      • Exterior—clear redwood siding, slate roof. New wood deck and rail. Steel railing with stone terrace and steps to grade of random dry set stone pattern, with brick water table and coping
      • Dining Room—New fireplace mantel and surround – All new two piece crown and fluted trim
      • Family Room—(was porch) Pella and custom windows, built-ins, wool carpet
      • Kitchen—Corian counters with integral bowl and cutting board, Thermador cook top and warming drawer, Sub Zero refrigerator and freezer, stained white oak flooring
      • Library/Reading Room—(not shown) now facing new fireplace with custom mantel and all new trim
      • Child's Suite– Dormers add light and space, durable carpeting, built-in bench at gable for heat ducting access


      before exterior

    • An All-Season Porch


      Haywood Porch Before


      Haywood Porch Interior Haywood Porch After
    • A Stylish Renovation from Top to Bottom


      1 0004
      This home on Cathedral Avenue in Washington, DC, included a whole house renovation, addition, and exterior hardscape.  A poorly finished attic was converted into an open and light Master suite, including a master baths with great views of Washington roof tops and the National Mall.
      On the second floor Hopkins & Porter created a new guest suite with enlarged and renovated bath, and an additional child’s room. The previously carpeted stairs to the first floor featured a wood rail and cast iron balustrade painted black. Walls were accented with a light grey.
      First floor included an addition at the end of galley kitchen which opened to new family room (which was previously an office). A unique solution with DC Zoning allowed for every possible inch to be used. H&P converted windows to French doors for access to a renovated and enlarged private deck. Adding a new brick retaining wall allowed for a parking/play area under the deck. Stairs were also added at a lower level to allow access around house. Previously the only way to the alley and back yard was through the house and basement.
      1 0012
    • Complete Update for Glen Echo Home Revives 60's Casual Elegance


      5211 0010 1


      This Sixties contemporary was gutted from top to bottom. The new owners worked with our team to enhance some of the original character and features of the home but update all the fixtures, finishes and systems.


      At the first floor, the walls between the Living area and new kitchen were opened up. New Maple kitchen cabinets, marble countertops, stainless steel appliances and a relocated window made for a light and modern kitchen space. The existing Living Room fireplace brick was cleaned up and washed with new recessed lighting. Dark paneling was removed from old study and replace with light painted drywall to create a new entertainment room more directly related to the kitchen. All new bamboo floors.


      At the second floor all new bathrooms were added. The master bathroom was enlarged and new closet space was added. Existing floors were in fine shape and refinished.


      All new finishes at the exterior were selected for easy maintenance. The old grooved plywood was replaced with prefinished concrete fiber lap siding, by ‘Hardi-Plank’. All new windows by Simonton enhance the views of the Potomac River. Landscaping by Gardenfield Landscaping.

    • Game Room and Entertainment Center Put Basement at Center Stage


      hp coapstick 0017 
      What do you do with those large unfinished new home basements in North Potomac? This homeowner planned for all stages of their growing family. The owners selections really made this basement feel like a part of the rest of the house, not an isolated recreation room.
      Features include:
      • A large second kitchen with wall hung video screen
      • Family theater and game viewing area
      • 3 flat screen entertainment system and elaborate sound system all controlled remotely.
      • Pool table
      • Full guest bath
      hp coapstick 0001
    • Floating Staircase Adds Space and Light to Open Plan Foyer

      hp waters 0004
      This floating stairway and railing replace a bulky contemporary-style drywall stair and rail system built in the sixties. The old system blocked the light from the upper hallway windows and views of the owners great art collection. Removing the old stairs also opened up the large front entrance foyer for better view. More paving was added to match the existing flagstone floor.
      • Cap railing – Cherry Wood
      • Balusters – Stainless Steel
      • Newel – Create curved Cherry rail end


      hp waters 0007
    • Rear Addition Maintains Historic Setback for Garrett Park Home


      4513ClermontPl 0003 
      4513ClermontPl 0005 

      On this corner lot in historic Garrett Park, MD, setback challenges called for a creative floor plan. Hopkins & Porter addressed this by building an addition nestled and hidden between the rear of the original house and the original freestanding garage.


      The owner’s desire was to have the front door relocated to the side of the house to open on the center of the main living areas. The owner likes to cook and entertain, and wanted the kitchen, open dining room, and fireplace den to be the first place guests would enter.


      Due to zoning setback, H&P had to create a new hidden private recessed entry with an intimate feel of welcome with planters and covered storage. The new entrance opens into a foyer adjacent to a new kitchen that features a large island. The kitchen and dining room flow into one open space with plenty of room for socializing. The island can also work as a side table for dining.


      Here are some other details of the project:


      • The cabinets are made of alder wood with multiple finishes and colors. Flooring is 4” plank oak. Blue granite countertops. Stainless steel appliances and commercial stove top with radiant warming lights in the vent hood.
      • The den fireplace entertainment area is in a nook visible from kitchen and dining room but still with a real feeling of privacy.
      • The natural light from the rear porch draws you toward a sunroom with a durable limestone-style ceramic tile floor. Adjacent is a multi-purpose rear entrance mudroom and laundry room with ample additional pantry storage.;
      • Natural light from tall windows draw your view to the covered deck and beautiful rear garden.
      • Windows and doors are by Anderson. Trek deck flooring, Hardi Plank concrete fiber siding and composite trim make for a maintenance free exterior.


      4513ClermontPl 0036
    • Functional Elegance

      Part of a larger 2-story remodeling project, this kitchen was completely renovated, using all new custom cabinets, appliances, flooring, windows, and exterior door. Black granite countertops are a striking design feature. Architectural trim details were added along the wall at the ceiling which itself has interior soffit detailing. Creative use of space includes niche shelves and recessed cabinets which maintain an open floor plan.


    • Beautiful and Classic


      This beautiful kitchen was design and build by Hopkins & Porters team of professional carpentars and craftsman. Architect Lea Allen helped the homeowner of this Bethesda bungelo choose the right counter tops, cabnets and colors that fit their needs.The beautiful custom cabnets and marble counter tops are accompanied by high end applicances, making this kitchen a cooks dream!

      ktch lyn cabnets
      ktch lyn desk 000
      "We could not be happier with the design, the workmanship and all of your assistance. It has transformed our home!"
      - Megan L., Homeowner
      ktch lyn full 000



    • Southwestern Pizzazz

      The clients love the Southwest, and they were very involved in locating and choosing accents for their new room that expressed this interest. The earth tones of the natural wood cabinets, the tile floors, and granite countertops carry the theme beautifully. The interior walls were stuccoed to achieve an adobe effect. All existing windows were replaced with a "prairie-style" Architectural Series by Pella. The kitchen now has windows on three walls, giving it lots of natural light, and making it feel larger than it is. The window visible over the sink is a greenhouse window that allows for fresh herbs and flowers all year round.
      The kitchen was previously 80% unused garage space.
      Rose Walters Kitchen
    • Mosaic Adds Warmth to Dark Cherry


      13881 kitchen web
      This custom kitchen has custom built cabnetry with a dark cherry stain. The back splash has a hand-tiled mossaic above the oven range and along the countertops. Bottom Left: The refridgerator was made to match the surrounding cabnetry so it blended in.
      13881 frig web
      13881 cupboard web
    • A Kitchen Facelift Adds Style and Light

      hp beauregard 0004
      This Potomac homeowner was not sure how long they would be in the house but were really tired of their 1980's kitchen. Hopkins & Porter was able to update the style with a simple door and drawer replacement, high-efficiency appliances, newfixtures, and some accent counter top material and floor refinishing to create the same effect as a kitchen replacement at half the cost.
      • A Sub Zero recessed french door refrigerator/freezer really improve the work space around the island.
      • A combination wall electric oven & microwave freed up need counter space
      • A smaller relocated Jenn Aire downdraft gas cooktop open up more work space at the counter
      • Simple but creative surface-mounted lights replaced recessed lights and brightened kitchen up
    • deu1ktch


    • A New Angle for the Modern Kitchen

      Winner of the 2011 "Merit Award for Creative Design," Contractor of the Year Awards, NARI
      This kitchen remodeling project consisted of transforming a cramped old kitchen into an open, spacious, light filled, and smoothly operating new kitchen, all within the existing footprint.
      There was a stylish angled bay window added, which opened up views to the beautiful backyard. Clear tempered glass provided beautiful sightlines and filled the new kitchen with light and views.

      burnett inset

      Other highlights include:
      • The new kitchen cabinets are solid wood arts and crafts style with a top quality matte finish. The door and drawer hardware are satin nickel modern pulls, very minimal.
      • Glass doored wall cabinets add a sense of light and transparency to the new space, as do recessed light fixtures. Granite countertops, at a dramatic diagonal, unify the visual.
      • Surface mounted halogen fixtures add sparkle in a laundry area and butler’s pantry.
      • The flooring is a laminate hardwood, that continues a uniform look from the adjacent foyer and family room.
      • A wall separating the kitchen from the family room was opened up, and dramatic curved custom hardwood steps were added to create a transition and connection from the new kitchen to the family room.
    • Classic Update for a Traditional Home

      This repeat client came to Hopkins & Porter to update thhe family kitchen in thier Potomac, MD, home. They loved the general configuration of the kitchen but after living in it for more than twenty years they wanted a few major changes to go along with a complete kitchen remodel.
      • Our designers removed an old-style peninsula design and added a new double oven and counter-depth sub zero area which greatly improved the work triangle. Under-cabinet xenon lights were installed to show off the crackled subway tile and decorative plates.
      • One of the major changes was the size of the kitchen sink window. Hopkins & Porter tripled the size of the window over the sink, letting more natural light in and improving the view to the outside.
      • A custom-designed center island replaced a peninsula, improving traffic flow and adding to the chef's interaction with guests.
      • Custom cherry beams, cherry cabinets, recessed lights, sparkling hardwood floors, Verde granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and crackled subway tile really make this kitchen pop!
      • An exposed natural brick wall adds beauty, warmth, and a textural change to the kitchen. The designers took advantage of this space to locate a desk and glass-door cabinets to show off family heirlooms, pictures and china.
    • Functional Elegance

      This room is a study in the contrasts of solid and transparent planes and elements. The translucent glow of the custom shoji screens provides a fitting backdrop to these artful interplays.
      Carrington Kitchen 2
      Carr dine screen open
    • Classic and Contemporary

      ktch wckr 01


      "We continue to love our space, and initiated it with a big Thanksgiving dinner and gathering. Everyone loved the house, which allows for great people circulation and comfort. Also, the kitchen works beautifully for cooking while sipping wine and chatting."
      The Wickers, Bethesda, MD
      ktch wckr 02
      ktch wckr 03
    • A Powder Room with Drama


      The light airiness of the new powder room belies its locations between flights of stairs above and below. The angle of the stairs above adds energy to the room, while hidden lights from the space below projects upwards through the glass floor tiles. The remaining walls of the room follow a dramatic curve towards the hallway.
      Horv bath 842
    • Glass Blocks and River Rocks

      The smooth but primitive texture of the river rock floor contrasts with a crisply executed glass shower enclosure and the gleaming curve of the glass block shower wall beyond.
      Wick glasswall   Wick bathroom
      Wick powder
    • A Romantic Bath

      A see-through fireplace centered between master bedroom and whirlpool tub creates drama and allows intimate proximity while bathing. A dual-head, double-size shower stall aids busy lives. Tub deck uses Corian which is picked up at counters and at shower door threshold. Large tiles add to the expansiveness of this space.
    • Lots of Space and Closets, Too


      This Chevy Chase bathroom renovation is the winner of the 2008 "NARI Metro Grand Award" for Creative Design. This spacious design has two vanities, two walk-in closets and separate bath and shower. The large window and skylight there is plenty of natural light.
      Bth Fri09 02     Bth Fri09 03
      Bth Fri09 04
    • Let in the Light


      A getaway, a private sanctuary, a place for renewal and reflection, the contemporary bath is all of these and more. Whether luxurious or practical, let us help you create the bathroom only you can imagine.
      hg bath b4
      Howe G Bath open windowsi
    • Art Gallery Bathroom


      Rose Walters Bath
    • Utility and Style


      This spacious bathroom, part of a large master suite addition, avoids the clutter of traditional shower door enclosures, maintaining an open feel. Bath and shower are interconnected. The whirlpool bath deck acts as a seat for the shower. Fixtures and tile carry a matching motif and color to create design unity.
    • Year-round Comfort


      Perfect year round. In the fall and winter the porch acts as a greenhouse producing heat to make a comfortable living area any day of the year.
      Bonner exterior 000
      Bonner interior 000
    • Cathedral Conservatory


      This project consisted of adding a large addition to the rear of a luxury townhouse that sits near the National Cathedral.
      The existing cramped kitchen was opened up to connect to the new addition’s light-filled spaces. The addition is a glass roofed conservatory with a classical old world feel, while still creating a sense of space and light that fit in with today’s living style.
      Features include:
      • A beautiful chestnut wood fireplace surround creates a central focal point. Hvac ducts are cleverly concealed behind the fireplace.
      • A new deck creates a graceful connection between the conservatory and the backyard.
      • A low shelf around the entire interior perimeter of the addition allows the owner to have an informal display of beloved artifacts.
      osv 1
      osv 2
    • Pool Side Luxury


      outdr ph02 001
      outdr ph01 001


      This freestanding poolhouse accessory structure was built next to a lovely pool at the client’s home.
      The roof is a shingled gable roof, sheltering a generous interior space with bath, changing room, kitchen and play area. The roof also covers an open porch area facing the pool, where adirondack chairs face the pool but stay in the shade.
      Next to the poolhouse is an open area covered by a pergola, creating an arbor encouraging grape vines and leaves. The arbor covers an area suitable for a massive table at which a large number of guests can relax and enjoy the breezes while dining.
    • Tropical Cabana


      WLTR OD 01 000
      WLTR OD 04 000
      WLTR OD 03 000
    • New Porch Creates Grand Entrance


      mnt ext1
      Small improvements make a big difference at an affordable price for this home in AU Park NW DC.
      Most of the homes in this desirable part of NW Washington lack a coat closet and the transition between the living space and front entrance is very tight. The owners of this home wanted to solve these problems and also add some curb appeal. This modest addition added a reception area, large coat closet and changing space for the family. A new walkway steps and planters transformed the front of the house. The matching brick and dry set stone planters made the changes look like they had always been a part of the house but gave it a grander architectural presence.
      The main challenge was to keep the ridge of new addition under the second floor window. Hopkins and Porter designer Kai Tong suggested dropping the eaves a bit and valuting the ceiling. This gave the interior a softer yet spacious feeling.
      mnt ext2 
      mnt int1 
    • Outdoor Living from Back to Front


      wck 05 Patio
      wck 05 porch
      wck 05 portico


      This major whole house renovation included a new screened porch in the rear, with twin gabled roofs, overlooks a new flagstone patio and an elegant white arbor. A new fence keeps the family’s two welsh corgies close by. See the entire project.


    • Porch with a View


      Winner of 2005 CotY Grand Award for Creative Design
      by Sharon Jaffe Dan, photography by John Troha
      This Glen Echo, Maryland, home is surrounded by mature trees and it boasts a patio and koi pond in the back yard. But because of small windows and a steeply sloping roof overhang, the homeowners felt cut off from their back yard and its views. Guy Semmes and architect Kai Tong knew the house well, since their firm, Hopkins & Porter, had already completed several renovation projects there.
      hopkins0306 3 m Stone retaining walls and pathways
      surround the curving porch.
      hopkins0306 1 mThe new semi-circular porch replaced a steep roof that
      blocked views of the wooded back yard and koi pond. 
      hopkins0306 4 m 
      When the homeowners requested a porch addition that would allow them to better appreciate the landscape, Tong approached the design by thinking outside of the box. Somewhat contemporary, the house has multiple planes "going in several directions," he says. Rather than settle for a typical square shape, Tong "tried to use simple geometry to create a nice counterpoint to the visual density of the house and open it up." He devised a semi-circular plan that captures a panoramic view of the back yard and the koi pond and creates the natural setting his clients desired. A widened kitchen door leads directly to the porch.
      Tong divided the half-circle into segments, then varied the angle of the roofline in each segment. "This creates a rhythm and complexity of space inside," he says. Rain cascades from one roof segment to another and eventually down to the ground where it's channeled away from the house in a river-rock ravine of Hopkins & Porter's design.
      "They wanted the porch screened so they wouldn't be devoured by mosquitoes in our Washington summers," says Tong. A stone retaining wall follows the curve of the new porch. Landscaper Todd Layfield of Gardenfield finished the project off with attractive plantings.
      Tong credits these long-term clients for being open to his design. "They have an artistic outlook on life and were looking to try something novel because of their creative attitude," he says.
      Kai Tong varied the angles of the roof segments to create rhythm and complexity.
      Architecture: Kai Tong, Hopkins & Porter Construction, Inc., Potomac, Maryland Contractor: Guy Hopkins Semmes, Hopkins & Porter Construction, Inc., Potomac, Maryland Landscape Design: Gardenfield, Boyds, Maryland
      Photographer John Troha is based in Bethesda, Maryland.
    • St. Nicholas Church


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      St. Nicholas Episcopal Church is a mission church that was using the facilities of the historic Presbyterian Church for many years before it was able to acquire the necessary land and begin construction for itself. The preliminary drawings outlined a 3-phase project. This first phase now accommodates offices, fellowship space, and worship space. In the master plan this initial space will become offices and classrooms with the next two phases to be fellowship hall and finally the formal church worship space. Therefore the floor plan had to accommodate future long terms uses as well as short term needs for this growing parish.
      Concern for recyclable materials and environmentally sound products was crucial to the church’s mission. The floors in the worship space are stained and patterned concrete and the bathroom solid surface countertops are a recycled product (Paper Stone). The committee worked well with the Hopkins & Porter Design team to be ready and open for Easter services.
      Part of their mission also included protecting the precious resource of water. They wanted not just to meet but exceed modern current storm water management standards. This was accomplished with an attractive but effective way by creating a rain garden in the parking lot. This solution not just protects the water shed but also enhances the view as you approach the church.
      Included in their storm water management plans was an attractive overflow waterfall of Rip Wrap stone and hidden underground filters to raise the quality of water discharge to the new Chesapeake Bay quality standards. Instead of downspouts and underground drains to direct the water away from the building, they used drain chains with stone mounds to disperse the roof runoff more quickly and evenly. They also used an alternative treatment unit for the church septic system to reduce the amount of nitrates their waste water put into the water table. They collaborated with Chesapeake Bay Foundation Fund to accomplish this.
      Since the construction of this church, protection of the Bay and our watershed and our reliance on clean water have become foremost on the national consciousness.


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