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  • The Design/Build Process is a practical and cost-effective alternative


    Since 1977, Hopkins & Porter has built a notable portfolio of Award-Winning Custom Homes, Additions and Interior Renovations. Our decades of experience in architecture and construction, along with our commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and service, has earned us our reputation as one of the top remodeling companies in the nation.


    design to buildBy combining comprehensive Architectural and Construction Services, we are committed to providing unique design, exceptional craftsmanship, unsurpassed project management and customer service. Our personal approach to home renovation ensures the quality, meticulous attention to detail and superb finish that have become hallmarks of a Hopkins & Porter home.

    Our approach to the Design/Build process allows our clients to make informed decisions while balancing the creative design with their financial investment. Our in-house Architects, Project Coordinators and Production Team have years of experience and are ready to engage and guide you through the process of creating the beautiful and functional space you are imagining.

  • Hopkins & Porter is a full-service company and will design, as well as build, your remodeling project or new home. These are the reasons our clients have decided design/build was the best choice for them:

    Practical, Cost-Effective Alternatives

    With one company designing and building your remodeling project, you receive practical, cost-effective design alternatives. Not only will your home look beautiful, but we create our designs to be built efficiently to save you time and money.

    We Keep an Eye on Your Budget

    During the design phase, we develop our creative suggestions to fit within your budgetary guidelines. And we constantly monitor the production costs to make sure that we adhere to those guidelines.

    We Handle the Details

    When you work with Hopkins & Porter, we take care of all the details of your project - from start to finish. In addition, you have one point of contact throughout your entire project, which makes communication quick and simple.

    Add Value to Your Home with a Custom Design

    The customized plans created by the Hopkins & Porter professional design team will add exceptional value to your home. And because it is part of the design/build package, you receive a quality design for a fraction of the usual fee

    Your Project will be Completed Quickly

    Design/build saves time from conception to completion by offering all the necessary services within one company. Traditional methods of remodeling, with independent design and construction firms, can add months to your completion schedule.

    We Build Trust and Confidence

    As we work together to develop the perfect design to meet your needs, you will see the skill and expertise that Hopkins & Porter brings to the table. This will become the basis for a strong confident relationship that will make working together during the construction phase a pleasure.

    We Treat Your Home Like Our Own

    We realize that your home is precious to you and we will go out of our way to treat it with care. Hopkins & Porter's hands-on service will give you peace of mind and the knowledge that we will be available to you at anytime.

    Award-Winning Performance

    When you work with Hopkins & Porter, you will be working with an award-winning company. Many of our projects have received both local and national recognition. We will put the same top design abilities to work for your home.

  • Design Build Process

      • Initial consultation with homeowners to discuss the project, design concerns, and budgeting.
      • Review owners program.
      • Document existing conditions, floor plans and elevations.
      • Preliminary zoning and coding analysis.
      • Schematic design sketches, floor plans and elevations.
      • Preliminary cost analysis, budget development.
      • Review design with homeowner and modify as needed.
      • Revise cost analysis and budget development as needed.
      • Decide on preliminary design scheme, preliminary budget.
      • Further develop Schematic Design sketches.
      • Develop floor plans, exterior elevations, sections, interior elevations.
      • Assist homeowners with selection of finishes, materials, fixtures, appliances, and other building elements.
      • Subcontractor quotes and further budget development.
      • Final design drawing, detailed specifications, and final fixed cost for project.
      • Sign the Construction Contract.
      • Construction/permit drawings.
      • Permit acquisition.
      • Revise Schematic Design sketches.
      • Preconstruction staff meeting.
      • Preconstruction conference.
      • Start of construction.
      • Substantial completion & walk-through.
      • Final Job Completion Checklist.
      • H&P’s 'Active Warranty' Program.

      We solve problems before they happen with our 9- and 18- month Warranty walk-through.

  • The "Active Warranty" reflects our company mission. Our clients deserve a relationship with their Architect/Builder that is built on Integrity and Service. We stand behind what we design and build.


    The Hopkins & Porter "Active Warranty" is almost unheard of in our industry. In an environment where the final list of completion items never seems to get completed, and many contractors move on to their next job before the final draw is ever collected, it is rare to find a builder who wants to come out looking for problems. We want you to be happy with your remodeled home for the long-term and we want to know how our projects and design solutions stand up to real life use, so we can learn from experience.

    active warranty 

    Our "Active Warranty" Program includes a five-year active warranty with 9- and 18-month walkthrough inspection of your project. Your Project Coordinator will call to set up your initial appointment.


    • Fill out a warranty review form with your input
    • Submit a copy to the Production Manager for his input
    • Set up a work order
    • Schedule work within ten working days
    • We will contact you to schedule your 18 month warranty walkthrough, following the same procedures


    At the end of your warranty period, a letter from your Project Coordinator will be sent, notifying you of the end of warranty, re-stating our policy of support, and encouraging you to call if any problems develop or if you have additional work. We treat problems of any size or type, inside or outside of your warranty period, with the same urgency that we do while building your project, and we have a service department trained to deal with these problems in a professional manner.

What our clients say...

“Hopkins and Porter and the two fellows I had the most contact with, Todd and Juan, are superior in their skills, timely on their work promises, kept the job site clean, kind in their manner and I miss having their presence with me daily. Would love to show possible clients H&P's work at my house."
Anne J. - NW Washington, DC

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