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Home remodeling is our passion. We live to transform our clients’ homes into one-of-a-kind spaces that marry form and function.

Our home remodeling work allows clients to have the home of their dreams without moving. You can keep your neighbors, schools, doctors and all the other things that you love about your community. You don’t have to compromise to get the home you want.

Our Home Remodeling Process

We emphasize communication every step of the way. Home remodeling is a living process. A project often evolves as it unfolds. Our unique, consultative design/build process ensures that we don’t short-change any part of our client’s vision. We want you to love your new space.

How do we do it?

First, we develop a relationship with the client that includes getting to know their lifestyle, needs and wants. We interview our clients thoroughly to dig into their vision for their project. We push our clients to conceptualize their ideas in a way they may not have done before.

beautiful front door


We use these conversations to put the clients’ vision to paper. With our draft drawings, clients can visualize ideas they’ve been kicking around in their heads for months, maybe years. The drafts come with a ballpark figure of what they should expect to spend, so neither side is surprised by the final construction contract later.

Next, we guide our clients through the project specifics. How large do you want the closets? Will there be a walk-in shower for ease of entry or is a relaxing tub with jets more to their liking? What kind of tile works best with the kitchen layout or the cabinet color and is there a pattern when laying it? These details need to be hammered out, and our specialists know how to guide a client through these decisions.

Once the details of the project are in hand, we can put together the construction contract. There are always options to make alterations should both sides agree. Often seeing the work come together will stimulate new ideas.

We hold weekly meetings during the construction process to make sure that things are moving forward the way the client envisioned. That way if a client decides, for example, they’d like a built-in bookcase on a wall, we can add that into the plans.

 Why Remodel a Home?

Clients engage a design/build specialist like Hopkins & Porter for a variety of reasons. But there are a few things that come up often in the Washington metro area.

1) Maximizing a Home’s Footprint

Home remodeling is especially important in the Washington, D.C. area. Property footprints are small, and homes run right up next to one another. Space is at a premium.

We pride ourselves on finding more space where you might not expect it. Maybe it’s a matter of building upward or reallocating space from rooms that don’t see much use to rooms that do. A home should reflect the lifestyle of its owner, and space in a home is one of the most important resources and the highest of priorities to utilize.

2) Modernizing the Kitchen

The kitchen is often the focal point of our home remodels. Changing times mean post-war designs just aren’t relevant to today’s families.

Homeowners don’t want to be cloistered away when they’re making meals. They want the kitchen, dining room and living room to work together as a combined focal point of the home. They want room for more than one person to help cook. They want the kitchen to be part of where the action is within the home.

Older designs just don’t meet these needs. Closed off, cramped kitchens are a frequent complaint that we help solve.

3) Working with Building Codes & HOAs

Many homeowners turn to us when they want to make changes to their home and need to meet the requirements of a homeowners’ association. Maybe they want to make changes to their home’s entryway, but they live in a historical district where entryways need to look alike. Maybe they want to add a room without running afoul of the HOA.

We specialize in working with outside stakeholders. Our designers regularly give presentations before HOA boards providing the answers to those questions that might prevent the remodel.

We’ve won approval from dozens of third-party organizations who could hold up work for months or even years if their needs weren’t met. We handle all permitting and building code approvals for all our clients, giving them a smooth process.

4) Bringing the Outside In

Homeowners today are more active than ever. They love basking in the outdoors, and they want their homes to reflect that part of their lives.

Older homes didn’t place this emphasis on connecting with the outdoors. Windows are small and poorly placed. Living spaces feel closed off and cramped.

For most of our clients, just adding windows or enlarging current ones radically changes the space. The home feels more open and inviting. The natural light decreases the energy bills. The home looks bigger, without altering the footprint one bit.

5) Remodeling for Space

Sometimes, we just need to find more space. As families change and grow, priorities can shift. Parents who once needed five bedrooms can find themselves in a largely empty home. Or homeowners suddenly need more rooms as parents move in for closer care or children boomerang back home.

These new priorities mean new needs. Unused bedrooms offer the opportunity to expand the master suite, finally building that spa-like bathroom you’ve been dreaming about for years. You can have that walk-in closet.

Conversely, finding more room for more people is often a pressing need. Finishing an unfinished basement can give an adult child freedom to enter and exit the house as they please without disturbing the rest of the home.


Home Remodeling Success Stories


A New Floor for a Growing Family

Our client in Northwest D.C. needed more room and didn’t know how to get it.

After several years spent in Asia, the family returned to a home they owned in the Washington area to settle down. In the time overseas, the children had become tweens. The kids needed more room, more privacy and more functional space. The family had outgrown the home.

The client came to Hopkins & Porter looking for a solution. The narrow lot precluded outward expansion of the home. To make matters worse, the home was in a historic area, which meant any work done on it had to adhere to rules about the height of the home and the look of the façade.

Hopkins & Porter’s design team settled on the adding a third floor to the home. With careful planning, the new floor stayed under the area’s height requirements and maintained the cohesive look of the neighborhoods façades. The 3rd floor adds several bedrooms and a bathroom to fit the growing family.

home roof remodeling


A Kitchen that Brings the Outside In

A Hopkins & Porter client found themselves entertaining more and more as their children grew. Their home had become the meeting place for their children and their friends. They wanted the kids to have plenty of room and a space that didn’t feel too confining.

The solution was to rework the first floor with an emphasis on turning unused sections of the home into a larger useable space with an open kitchen. The remodeling took down walls and created a layered space that incorporated the kitchen, dining area and living room all in one. Now, no matter where you were on the first floor, you were part of the action.

Our team added copious windows that connected the new “great room” suite to the outdoors and fully windowed double doors leading to the deck. The effect is an airy, expansive area where a group can spread out all over.

beautiful home kitchen

The design team added an island with a second sink to the kitchen. Now, a group of people can work on meals without running all over one another. The island gives guests another place to congregate without getting in the way of the food prep.

But the most important feature? Barn doors that separate the foyer and stairs from the great room. Now whenever the kids have guests over, the adults can close the doors and trap all the noise downstairs.


Recreating a Beloved Deck

A bad windstorm and tornado ripped through the area, leaving one Hopkins & Porter client without her favorite part of her home.

The woman, in her late 90s, loved her deck. It gave her easy access to the outdoors without having to use stairs. When the windstorm knocked it down, her life got even more restricted. She couldn’t get out into the fresh air and sunshine anymore.

Our team set about rectifying the situation. The old deck had been grandfathered in through several rounds of building code updates, so the team had to reconstruct the old deck, but make it adhere to all the new building codes.

With a new deck, the client could get back to enjoying the outdoors she loved so much.


Constructed deck before.


Constructed deck after.

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