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trotterstrail001One of the most common requests we get from homeowners is for kitchen remodeling. New ideas about the role of the kitchen have expanded what the functional space means. Instead of an isolated room where a single worker makes meals, homeowners today see kitchens as the family gathering center.

Modern homeowners want a kitchen with enough space for kids to do homework while parents create meals. They want fewer walls, so meal prep can be completed while staying engaged with their family who might be watching television in the next room. They want islands that give enough space to store more kitchenware. They want commercial-grade appliances so they can make restaurant-quality meals at home for family and guests.

Kitchen Remodeling for Social Living

As kitchen remodelers, we often convert closed kitchens to open ones. As the number of two-income households expands, the amount of free time homeowners enjoy has declined. That means homeowners want to maximize the amount of time they can spend with their families.

Homeowners more often share household duties now that they’re both working. The growth in the popularity of food shows and YouTube channels and the availability of higher-end tools at affordable prices has made cooking an accessible hobby. People want to share the fun of cooking with each other, and that requires open kitchens with enough room for at least two people to work at once.acacia 0007

Opening up a kitchen transforms the space. No longer is cooking a solitary chore. In an open kitchen, the chef remains a part of the action. They can keep up with the game everyone’s watching in the living room and everyone can smell what’s about to come out of the oven.

"Hopkins & Porter was the contractor on my recently completed kitchen renovation. They were terrific: working with great care and professionalism to be sure that things were done right. After hearing stories from friends about their experiences with other contractors, I'm really grateful that my kitchen designer recommended Hopkins & Porter." – Judith P.

A Kitchen Remodel Makes the Home Flow

An open kitchen remodeling doesn’t just mean shared experiences for the family. An open kitchen makes the kitchen and the rooms it opens into feel larger. It seems like the home has gained more space, and it expands the amount of multi-use space.

A common result of a kitchen remodeling is a new “great room.” The great room combines the dining room, living room, and kitchen into a single area. Depending on the layout, you could also incorporate the mudroom and study into the great room. The details can vary, but the unifying core is connecting the kitchen to the living room.

With an open kitchen, all the rooms connected to the kitchen become less formal. Serving food is easier, and the configuration adds seating options. You can feed much larger groups. Someone eating in the dining room can interact with guests eating in the living room or on stools on the kitchen island. Adding seating space on a kitchen island orients the room around a central gathering point for guests.

Unifying the First Floor with a New Kitchen

Combining rooms often leads to changes in both. What may have worked well with spaces separated by walls now creates clashes.

Casavant fix 16Maybe you want a modern kitchen with frameless cabinets, metal appliances, and clean lines. How does that style work when opening up into a traditional dining room? The sleek kitchen would clash horribly with the dining room’s complex wall patterns or chandelier-and-sconces lighting scheme.  A cottage kitchen with retro colors and tile wouldn’t work with the bold colors of a contemporary living room.

Often, a client’s vision for a kitchen that works with the adjoining rooms requires reworking the rooms connected to it. A redesign needs to consider the flow of traffic, if there are enough areas for circulation and how the window placement fits the new ideas.

Reworking the home to convey a unified vision is sometimes necessary. The level of detail is all up to the client’s needs.

Better Cooking in Your Dream Kitchen

Homeowners are better chefs than ever, with a world of knowledge at their fingertips in the form of TV cooking shows, virtually unlimited recipe sites online and popular YouTube channels. It’s easier than ever to do your research and learn how to have fun in the kitchen. Homeowners these days enthusiastically seek out new techniques and recipes and want a kitchen that can handle whatever they learn to do.

Nowadays, a dedicated amateur chef even has access to commercial-grade gear. That means they have experience with a wide variety of techniques that give them even more specific ideas for their new kitchens. They know how many BTUs their stove needs, exactly why they need a double stack of wall ovens, and what size warming drawers they want.

Modern homeowners typically want an expanded workspace. With cooking becoming a more communal experience, they want more counter space so that multiple people can contribute to a meal at once. Adding countertops on islands means assistant chefs get space of their own to work.hopkins porter kitchen remodeling potomac md 2 1

A kitchen remodel can also expand your storage space, mainly by adding islands and cabinets. One of the biggest challenges of a modern kitchen remodel is finding room to add storage after losing a wall full of cabinets to open the kitchen.  You need a partner in your kitchen remodel who can envision how to fit everything you need in the layout you want while keeping the project within code.

A More Valuable Home through Kitchen Remodeling

Homeowners can’t attract potential buyers with older kitchens that have poor layouts or outdated appliances. A modern design can dramatically boost your pool of potential buyers, especially in the Washington, D.C., metro area where post-war buildings had closed off kitchens.

You can also use a remodel to get more environmentally friendly. You’ll have reduced costs for energy and water, which means the home has higher value. A kitchen remodel is a good time to replace old and outdated appliances with new models and the energy efficiency that comes with them. You can keep your bills lower with new fridges, light fixtures, and ovens, and they’ll look great and give you the performance you need.

hopkins porter kitchen remodeling potomac md 3Older appliances can also be safety hazards that turn off potential buyers. The wiring and electrical systems of old units are not equipped to handle the increased output of the modern energy grid. Newer appliances are manufactured with the proper equipment to handle more electricity without posing a safety risk.

You also have a chance to update your kitchen’s lighting. If your kitchen is too dark, install some windows to let in the light. If you don't want to sacrifice your privacy for more light, consider using a few lines of glass window blocks instead. Adding lights underneath your cabinets can make preparing food on the counter easier, and can also be useful when searching for late night snacks.

These kitchen remodeling ideas can raise your home’s value. Homeowners can get a return on investment of 80 percent for even minor kitchen renovations.

Whether you want to shake things up, improve the look of your home or add value for potential resale, a kitchen remodel can be the perfect way to improve your lifestyle. 

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