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Marcelis fix 1A popular choice among all types of homeowners, bathroom remodeling breathes new life into stale spaces. Whether you want to create a feeling of comfortable coziness or luxuriate in a spa-like bathroom, you’ll need a designer who understands your vision and a builder who can execute it with minimal disruption of your regular life.

The Hopkins & Porter advantage is having everything you need in one firm. Our design staff can translate your ideas of what your new bathroom should look and feel like into real architectural plans. Then our builders make your dreams a reality.

You will love your home’s new vibe. We ensure that our clients are satisfied by surveying them during and after the project. Your construction manager will be on hand at weekly meetings to assess the progress and make sure everything is coming together exactly as you envisioned it.

A Bathroom Remodel Just for You

hopkins and porter bathroom remodeling potomac md 2Your bathroom can be a space where multiple people need to get ready for their day or a getaway. It can be designed toward a utilitarian purpose: put your toothbrushes and towels here, shower here, do your makeup here, and get out the door as quickly as possible. Or it can be designed for de-stressing, customized for your needs with lots of open space and options for adding elements and accessories that help you relax.

Whatever your needs, you want a designer that has experience translating client visions. Our decades of satisfied customers speak for themselves.

“Our new master bathroom fits our home, our style and most importantly our family life. It helps to keep things organized and is such a pleasant, peaceful room to be in that everyone wants a turn in it. We love the work that Hopkins & Porter did for us.” - Potomac

Bathroom Remodeling and the Master Suite

Often, bathroom remodeling is just a part of a larger need. Your idea for what works in your home and for your family may be different from the previous owner. Or maybe your needs today are different than your needs a decade ago when you bought your home.

If your old home design no longer works, a new bathroom may be part of the solution.

In the Washington metro area, older homes abound. Much of the supply is post-war houses with spartan features. They were built for larger families with as many bedrooms as possible leaving little room for niceties. The locations are great, but the design just doesn’t fit with modern sensibilities.

When we work with owners of older homes, we often end up addressing these issues holistically. In order to expand a cramped master bathroom without shrinking the master suite, we may need to reclaim unused space.monte3 0099

Usually we find that space in underutilized bedrooms, closets or alcoves. If your children have moved out (hopefully never to boomerang back), then you don’t need three guest bedrooms on the second floor. The space you need for an expanded bathroom is right there, and we might be able to get enough room for a walk-in closet while we’re at it.

“Modernizing our 1955 kitchen, improving a bathroom and repairing fairly substantial water damage in the basement all in one fell swoop involved the coordinated efforts of a carpenter, plumber, electrician, painter and floor installer. ... The team's extremely competent and flexible leader made our project a smoothly-run success. We are pleased to endorse this excellent firm.” -- J.A.J., Chevy Chase, MD

Make the Most of Your New Space

With more space available, you have the opportunity to expand the possibilities of what your bathroom can be. You can redefine what the space means to a home.

With more space, especially the amount of space granted by absorbing an extra room, you can have a luxurious bathroom that fulfills your every need.

Think chandelier lighting above a soaker tub in the middle of the room. Picture of a small home gym, with floor-to-ceiling one-way windows so you have a nice view while you cycle or lift weights and a sauna for the post-workout. Envision a changing area where you have plenty of space to get ready and a full-length built-in mirror to check your look.

hopkins and porter bathroom remodeling potomac md 1When people tell us, they wish they could have a “spa-quality” bathroom, we typically find that they aren’t thinking big enough. Maybe they’re contemplating a new tile floor with heating underneath it or a large bathtub with jets. We encourage our clients to think very big. Lose the old ideas that constrain the bathroom space into a narrow set of utilitarian purposes and start to think about it as a place that can change the whole tenor of your day-to-day life.

Old Space, New Bathroom

If you want to create a gorgeous getaway in your current floorplan, we can use design principles to achieve your goals without enlarging your bathroom’s footprint.

There are spa-like features you can add to your bathroom today that don’t require more square footage.

New tile

Porcelain or stone tile on an accent wall puts a unique touch on your bathroom. Using larger tile and going floor to ceiling can create the feeling of a larger space. A creative mosaic backsplash instantly makes your bathroom a one-of-a-kind.

New color schemes

monte3 0082Our design experts know how important a coat of paint can be. A color scheme can be the difference between a sleek, modern bathroom and a casual, classic one. Your Hopkins & Porter contact will know just how to guide you through the selection process.

If you want your fixtures, shower and accoutrements to stand out on a blank canvas, we may recommend a low-contrast palette of neutral colors. If you want a serene hideaway in your own home, we might think about cooler colors like dark blues and greens.

A Sitting Area

For some, the bathroom is the only respite they get from a busy household full of people. If that’s you, why not give yourself another moment of peace? A sitting area next to a window means a little extra time to yourself to decompress from a hectic day.

Wall Storage

One of the best ways to create the feeling of more space without adding any is to convert to wall storage. Unused space on the top half of the room frees up space on Marcelis 15the bottom half. Instead of a large, cumbersome vanity, you can install a classy pedestal sink. Wall shelves can replace the linen closet.

Create Space through Design

When you work with design experts, your view of what’s possible expands greatly. There are a few tricks of the trade to open up rooms without adding square footage.

First, bigger mirrors give the feel of more space. You get a deeper view with multiplicative effects on your design flourishes. Next, we can float the vanity, selecting options that maximize storage space by splitting the area into space within the vanity and space below it. We also might consider creating a fully glassed shower with light tile features from floor to ceiling. This look creates a larger feel to a smaller room.

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